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This is a multi-page article were I tell you how to stop a dog fight and stop dogs from fighting.

This article's focuses on how to stop a dog fight without getting bit. If you are looking for information on how to train your dog not to fight, read this article: HOW TO STOP DOGS FROM FIGHTING

The Video to the left illustrates just how difficult it can be to breakup a dog fight involving pitbulls. The dog fight occured at an event that involved profesional dog handlers, who are involved with training, SHELTERS AND RESCUES. So the people you see in the video are professional dog handlers. You will note that they are used to handling tough situations and that no panic is apparent. They know to work methodically to break up the dog fight. But yet it is apparent, they are not real sure how to stop the dogs from fighting.

At an event where lots of dogs are, they would have done well to have a BREAK STICK handy. Even though four people are holding the dogs down, you can see that the dogs are still able to shake their heads and that damage although lessend, is still occurring. Of course hindsight is 20/20. In every dog fight I have broken up, I can think of what I may have done differently. As you read this article you will learn exactly how to break up a dog fight.

The video was provide by Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training of Providence R.I. I like Jeff's methods of dog training. Jeff believes in a no nonsense approach to training and the importance of PACK STRUCTURE training.

The tips I relate on how to stop a dog fight are from my personal experience of owning and breeding Pitbulls, and breaking up fights by myself, involving as many as a half dozen dogs fighting.


world best pitbull In researching for these articles, I noted all kinds of opinions on what to do, and not do, to stop a dog fight. I noted advice on how to break up a dog fight varied from one extreme to the other. Much of the advice given on how to stop a dog fight is downright dangerous, while still other advice was downright laughable. Stopping a

dog fight is very dangerous. Some so called experts advise to stop a dog fight that you use your instincts. What a joke. The last thing you want to do when attempting to stop a dog fight is let your emotions take control!

Knowing that no dog is immune from a dog fight, is the first step in prevention and preparedness in stopping a dog fight if one should occur. Your dog could have no tendency to fight and still be ATTACKED by another dog. Most of the dog fights that I have had to break up, started when I least expected it. You need a carefully thought out plan to safely stop a dog fight without getting bit.

Before reading further, understand that breaking up a dog fight is very dangerous. Even an expert, can find himself with a serious dog bite, if not careful. All of the techniques I relate, assume that you are physically up to the challenge. If you are by yourself, it is best to get help from others before even thinking about trying to stop a dog fight. Even if your beloved pet is being attacked, you stepping into the middle of a dog fight, is most likely going to result, in both you and your dog being injured.


Muscle Building DO NOT PANIC! If you panic, chances are you are going to end up receiving a dog bite. The type of wounds that a dog can inflict on you by accident, when fighting, are much more severe than a wound from a dog that bites a person as a signal or warning bite. When dogs are fighting, they are way past the warning stage and are trying to inflict serious damage. Your hand or leg, caught in the wrong place at the wrong time can end up with wounds that are much worse than a simple dog bite that involves a puncture.

DO NOT SCREAM AND HOLLER! Unless you are simply trying to get others to help you. Screaming and hollering will not stop a dog fight, it will only intensify the action.

DO NOT JUMP INTO THE MIDDLE OF A DOG FIGHT! When a dog fight begins, the natural reaction is to jump in and separate the dogs. Do not jump in right away! If you try to stop a dog fight, just as it is beginning, chances are you will receive a serious dog bite. Take a few minutes to watch this clip of a dog fight with Cesar Millan and company. Normally, I enjoy the tips on dog training Cesar Millan provides. However in this clip, when two pitbulls begin to fight, panic seems to step in. THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO STOP A DOG FIGHT

I would be surprised if someone didn't get bit in that dog fight. If they didn't receive a dog bite, they were simply lucky that time. You want to stay well away from the action and where the dog's mouths are. Especially is this so when a dog fight first starts. Another thing you noted in the video, is that as soon as one dog fight started, other dog fights broke out, almost instantly. This is going to almost always be true if the other dogs are PitBulls. There is no such thing as spectators among Pitbulls. When a dog fight breaks out, even dogs that are best friends can start fighting; especially pitbulls. Thankfully, there were a lot of people there, as it was obvious serious injury was about to occur as they endeavored to break up the dog fights.


stop a dog fight THROWNING WATER ON THEM! I don't know about other breeds, but throwing water on two pitbulls fighting has never worked for me. In fact one time Bra'tac (the dog pictured here) got into a fight with my most "dog aggressive" female pitbull (she started it too). He drug her into his kennel. At this point, she realized she was completely over-matched and was just wanting to get away. The two pitbulls were positioned in a way that I could not safely break up the dog fight. I took the high pressure hose (electric) and sprayed him right in the face. All he did is close his eyes and maintained his grip. I was blasting too. Finally, I had to grab the BREAK STICK and pry his mouth open. Water is not the answer.

PULLING THEM APART! If you want to create ripping wounds, simply try to pull them apart to break up a dog fight. When two dogs, especially pitbulls, have a grip, trying to stop a dog fight by pulling on them, will likely cause more damage, and seldom will it stop a dog fight. If you are by yourself, for sure, it is not going to stop a dog fight. Researching for this article, I saw where some "experts" said to pull them apart by pulling on their tails! What a joke! Maybe that will break up a dog fight with poodles, but not with a breed like pitbulls that is bent on fighting.

stop dog fight STUN GUN! Only use a stun gun to stop a dog fight if you don't mind receiving a dog bite. A friend of mine had his own female Pitbull start fighting thru the fence with another dog who was inside her kennel (you cannot believe the damage they can do when having a dog fight through a fence). He grabbed a "HotShot" cattle prod and poked the female pitbull outside in the hind quarters. She quickly whirled around and came after him. He said it took her, in the heat of the battle, about 5 seconds to realize it was her master, before she relented. I have heard many stories of folks who have received dog bites when trying to stop a dog fight with a cattle prod. Personally, I would not try to stop a dog fight that way.

KICKING AND PUNCHING! LOL! That might work with beagles, but you are unlikely to get two Pitbulls to stop fighting by kicking and punching them. You are only going to wear yourself out and then not have the strength needed to stop the dogs from fighting.

On the next page I tell you exactly what works and what to do to break up a dog fight.

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