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This is a multi-page article on bark collar for dogs training. I highly recommend that you start with page 1.

world best pitbull In this segment I relate how to stop your dog from barking using a BARK COLLAR. I also review the best bark collars on the market. Before casting the idea of using a Bark Collar aside, consider the facts I explore below. Stop your dog's annoying bark in a matter of minutes painlessly. Your neighbors will thank you, and you will thank me for directing you to use a bark collar for your dog.


Yet another area where a little diligence in dog training can reap major rewards is teaching your dog to respect the peace and quiet of the neighborhood. For whatever reason (and if they could only talk) seems like every dog wants to be heard. There is nothing that is more frustrating for your neighbors, than listening to your dog barks for hours on end. I cannot believe how many people show no concern for their neighbors and allow their dog or dogs to bark at will. Especially when the problem is easily solved with the aid of well designed bark collars.

It used to be, back in the old days, the real purpose of the steel toe boot (truth be told) was to keep ones dog in line. The garden hose was not invented (despite popular belief) to water crops, but was invented by a guy sick and tired of a barking dog. And the BB gun... I think you get the picture. There is absolutely no excuse in a modern society to ever own a dog that frequently gives in to the urge to bark, not when you can stop your dog from barking, for under a c-note with an anti bark collar.

The Electronic Bark Collar is perhaps one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. In a recent poll (just kidding) respondents picked the no bark collar as the most significant breakthrough in the history of modern gadgetry, soundly (pun intended) beating out Sealy Posturepedic and Nytol. Anyone who has ever had to deal with a barking dog can fully appreciate the advantages of a simple no bark collar.


Muscle Building Many avoid using dog bark collars for their dog because they reason that a bark collar is not humane or that it is somehow cruel. Now how they justify putting the entire neighborhood through unabated torment as their dog barks because they will not properly discipline their dog and use a bark collar, I do not know. The simple truth is; a bark collar is without question a loving and humane way of training a dog to respect the rights of others to live in peace. Any minor and momentary discomfort the dog may sense when being corrected by a bark collar, cannot compare to the agitation the dog causes for the neighbors as your dog continues to bark at will. If you have not already done so, do yourself and your neighbors a favor and invest in an anti bark collar for your dog.

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puppies for sale Thankfully, Pitbulls are not (at least mine never seemed to be) a barking dog breed. Now, don't misunderstand what I am saying, for Pitbulls will bark, just not as often as other dog breeds. Still, I have found it necessary on occasion to employ dog bark collars at one time or another on a few of my dogs. The key is to make sure that you do not overdo the correction. I love my dogs, and the last thing I want to do is cause them harm or pain with a bark collar. Most dog bark control collars have a half dozen or more settings. Start out on the lowest possible setting and keep a close eye on the dog when they start to bark. If the dog continue barking, adjust the setting up to the next level.

Once your dog starts to bark and you notice immediately that something gets your dog's attention, you are probably on the right setting. It takes a few times before the dog associates the sensation with the bark, yet once he does, he will quit barking. You will have to place the bark collar on him several times or more, and before long the bark collar will not be necessary very often, if at all.

A quick word of caution, avoid setting your bark collar on the higher settings when training your dog, that could cause the dog to be hit hard enough by the shock collar, that it inflicts a degree of pain. If the dog experiences pain while being shocked, the dog may begin to yelp and the bark collar may continue to shock. You don't want that!

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