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raw-meat-diet There is a lot of information online in regards feeding your Dog a Raw Meat Diet or a BARF DIET. I suggest you take the time to do a lot of research and draw your own conclusions. Remember when searching for tips and information on feeding your dog a raw meat diet, you often don't know who it is that is writing or their level of experience. Some have almost no experience in feeding a dog raw meat, and have done virtually no research, while others simply repost what someone else has written. So be diligent in your research. With that said here is my personal experience of feeding two dozen dogs a raw meat diet.


I own and care for a lot of dogs and puppies. I experience in a month what most pet owners will not experience in a lifetime. I have tried a number of different manufactured processed foods. And have not found any that I was totally happy with. The last one I tried was TOTW which I went through 70 bags. One thing you will find with processed foods is that they all have fillers (some more than others) and preservatives.

I finally decided to bite the bullet and have been feeding all my dogs an "All Raw Meat Diet" for the past several years or so and absolutely love it! I used to think I had too many dogs to feed an all raw meat diet, now I know how foolish that thinking was.

When I go to my supplier I buy 800 lb of chicken, along with organ meat, fish, oils, eggs and other ingredients. The dogs chow like you would not believe.

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Learn How to Start a Pitbull Kennel A lot of people ask if feeding a dog an all raw meat diet adds more muscle to my PitBulls. I really don't notice that their muscles are bigger or toned, as I suppose I would have to work them out, which I don't. But their coats look way better. Their weights are about the same, yet I suppose it is more a matter of how much I feed them. Some dogs will pretty much continue eating as much as you give them, they love a raw meat diet so much. Therefore you have to regulate the amount of raw meat. If I were exercising them strenuously, I would suppose I would have to feed them more raw meat and I am sure they would perform better on a raw meat diet and look even better.


How to make your dog happy I do not live in an area were there are any good sources for cheap raw meat suitable for dogs. I have had to negotiate with a couple of local grocers for best prices. The best food to feed when feeding dogs a raw meat diet, is the meat that you can buy cheapest. That should be your primary feed for your dog's raw meat diet. My main food source is chicken leg quarters that I purchase at .53 a lb. It comes in 10 pounds bags and 4 in a 40 lb box. I feed each dog 2 or 3 legs quarters everyday. Additionally, I add (not always everyday) cottage cheese, yogurt and eggs along with tripe.

Every two or three days I give each a good size hunk of liver or beef heart. I buy the liver in a box that weighs 30 lbs and I pay about .90 cents a pound and about a buck a pound for the heart. I also feed them once a week canned Mackerel, and give them all Salmon Oil All-Natural Dog Food Supplement everyday.

I look for sales on other meats and feed those as I find them. I just bought a bunch of Kidneys to feed as well. I found a place where I can get beef heart in a 70lb box for about a dollar a lb and have been feeding that about every other day. I just try to mix things up a bit for some variety and a little balance in their diet. I avoid any and all vegetables. I try to feed about 3 to 4 lbs a day per 100 lbs of weight. I also add K9 SHOW STOPPER , depending on the need of each dog.


pics of puppys What a lot of people forget when trying to compare cost between a raw meat diet for dogs and commercial dog food is; you can not compare price per pound. Commercial dog food (Kibble) has been dried of almost all moisture content. When feeding kibble my dogs will eat about one pound a day. Because most raw meat is 67% water by weight, you have to feed about three times more by weight. So for instance; let's say you buy a 30 lb bag of dog food for $30; that is $1 per pound. You then feed your dog one pound per day, thus it cost a dollar a day for his food.

Because you will need to feed about 3 lbs of raw a day you would have to purchase your Raw Food for 33 cents a pound to feed as cheaply as the kibble dog food. Of course your milage may vary. You will have to price everything out and carefully weigh portions to figure out your cost of feeding a raw meat diet to your dog per day. And don't forget, you may have some added cost with refrigeration.

Too, I do not try to make my Pitbulls fat. Only an idiot would do such. I want my dogs to be healthy and regulate the amounts they eat and properly exercise them. If your Pitbulls are too thin, you are breeding the wrong blood and generally has nothing to do with the dog food.

If you are concerned about the weight of your dog, read HELP YOUR DOG TO GAIN OR LOSE WEIGHT WITH MR PITBULL

On the next page I outline the advantages of feeding raw.
I also talk about whether it is wise to feed a raw diet to puppies.

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