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This is a multi-page article were I tell you how to stop a dog fight and stop dogs from fighting.

bark collar In this article we will explore advanced training techniques that will stop dog on dog aggression. I tell you what to do, so that your dog is never the instigator in a dog fight. If you are looking for information on HOW TO BREAK UP A DOG FIGHT - CLICK HERE!

I receive countless emails from people seeking information on how to train a dog not to fight or attack other dogs. Often times their dog has recently got into a dog fight with another dog and now the owners are facing costly medical bills, and even lawsuits due to the dog fight. Dogs that have been in a dog fight are very likely to be held by authorities and may even be in jeopardy of being put down if deemed by a court to be dangerous. Immediate action is needed on the part of the owner to stop dog fights.

This information on how to stop dogs from fighting is based on my experience of owning, loving, and training dozens of Pitbulls.

It is very common for some breeds of dogs to want to fight just about every dog they see. This is generally the norm for a Pitbull. Dog on dog aggression has been bred into the pitbull breed over the past one hundred years as one of the goals of the BREEDERS who bred pitbulls to fight dogs. For this reason, it is hard to train a pitbull not to fight other dogs when this tendency has been hardwired into the breed. Because dog on dog aggression in these cases is not a learned behavior but is part of the dog's genetics, it is very difficult to train a Pitbull not to attack other dogs.

Therefore, most dog owners and many dog trainers will not be able to train or teach a pitbull not to attack another dog. Therefore, every time they take their dog for a walk, they walk on egg shells hoping that another dog doesn't round the corner. They learn avoidance techniques, like crossing the street to avoid an approaching dog. These are band-aid techniques that simply mask the problem, but never actually train a dog not to fight and does nothing to stop dog on dog aggression. In this article I will show you how real pros train aggressive dogs not to fight so that dog on dog aggression becomes a thing of the past.

Before going any further I will tell you that truly stopping dog on dog aggression and training a dog not to attack other dogs, calls for DISCIPLINE. So, if you are someone who does not believe in discipline, the information in this article will not help you. I believe in loving discipline. I believe that to spare the rod is to spoil the child. The Bible says at Proverbs 12:24 "The one holding back his rod is hating his son, but the one loving him is he that does look for him with discipline". Likewise, if you love your dog, you will not hesitate to train him with loving discipline to stop attacking other dogs. If you are not able to discipline your dog, and your dog has dog on dog aggression issues, you should get another breed of dog that is not a threat to others. Pitbulls and other aggressive breeds of dogs are not for everyone.

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Muscle BuildingYears ago, before learning of the ADVANCED DOG TRAINING TECHNIQUES that I am going to relate, I let one of my dogs out in the backyard before bedtime. Just so happened that the neighbor had let his dog out at the same time. A few minutes later I could hear the two dogs fighting. I grabbed my dog at about the same time my neighbor was grabbing his dog. Now mind you, there was a chain link fence separating our yards and two dogs. But even so, his dog received some pretty nasty cuts that cost me $1040 of vet bills. Obviously, his dog was just as guilty of dog on dog aggression as my dog. Both dogs met at the fence and started fighting. Because my dog was a Pitbull, I knew if the authorities were to get involved, who they would pin the blame on. Not wanting to take the chance that something could happen to my dog, and too, wanting to be a good neighbor, I paid for the damages. I decided then to see if there was some way of prevent dog on dog aggression from occurring again.

On the next page I tell you what I discovered and how I used that information to transform a fighter into a lover.

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