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I get more mail asking what is the best vitamins and supplements to feed a pitbull then any other subject. Some are skeptical that feeding vitamins or supplements to a pitbull is going to produce tangible results creating MONSTER PITBULLS Others have been inundated with a barrage of vitamin and supplement advertisement and wonder if the claims are true. Almost always folks ask; "if I feed my dog vitamins and supplements will they look like your dogs? This page deals solely with health related vitamins and supplements for dogs, and does not cover muscle building.


For information on how to build muscles on a pitbull or any dog, you will want to checkout this page MR PITBULL MAKES PUBLIC HIS MUSCLE BUILDING SECRETS! where I tell you what you won't find anywhere else! If you want to know what vitamins and supplements will keep your dog healthy, this is the page.


For most, their Pitbull is their pride and joy, and they want him or her to be at their best. So if spending a few dollars on a good Pitbull vitamins and supplements is going to add muscle or improve their DOGS HEALTH, they are willing to do so. They just don't want to be buying "snake oil" and get ripped off. I understand those sentiments. I own several dozen Pitbulls and my life is rapped up in taking care of their health. Below I outline my experience, and I sincerely believe that if you heed my advice concerning the right vitamins and supplements for your pitbull, your dog will be happier and healthier.

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As I peruse the web I note all kinds of sites promoting a single pitbull supplement, as if that one vitamin or supplement is going to work magic on every pitbull; such is not the case. I only wish it could be that easy. Health issues are complex.

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Walk into any vitamin or supplement store and you see thousands of different vitamins and supplements. We wonder which vitamin or supplement is the one that will work magic on whatever health concern we have. Of course we know that picking the right vitamin or supplement depends on what is ailing us.

Just because one vitamin or supplement worked on Uncle Joe, doesn't mean the vitamin or supplement will work on us too. The same is true with Pitbulls. Each dog is unique and has different vitamin and supplement requirements. For this reason, when giving vitamins and supplement to my pitbulls, I consider the needs of each dog and choose a vitamin or supplement for each dog individually.

On the next two pages I review what I believe are the best vitamins and supplements for your dog.

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