To look at her now, you would never believe that her very presence will strike fear into some. But yet with a loving owner like you, this Remy Pitbull Puppy will be just as sweet and loving then as she is now. If you are looking for a Blue Remy Pitbull Puppy, you will want to see what I have in inventory. Of course, make sure you check out all of our dogs too. You will note as you look closely at all the pictures of our dogs why Mr Pitbull is recognized as a leader in Remy Pitbulls. REMY PITBULL PUPPY FOR SALE CLICK HERE


If you are searching for a Remy Pitbull Puppy for sale, then you already have concluded that the Remy name is synonymous with the elite of the elite, when it comes to American Bully style Pit Bulls. We have a nice selection of some of the best quality Remy Pitbulls in the country. Just look at the pictures as proof. HOW TO TRAIN YOUR REMY PUPPY


I invite you to take a close look at this beautiful looking Remy Pitbull Puppy in the above photo. She is absolutely gorgeous! It is right about this age, when the fine qualities of a puppy start to be seen. Not long after the puppies start running around their kennel, I begin to look each one of them over, very carefully I might add, to note their physical build and qualities. One feature that is especially important is that the dog have a nice compact frame. You want the puppy to have a short back. In other words, I am admiring "from my vantage point" that she is short in length from front to back. This is very important quality, if I were to decide to use her in my breeding program at some point. Too, again from my vantage point, I can see that her hind quarters are lower that her front quarters. I'm thinking this puppy may be a keeper! Read more here... LEARN ABOUT REMY PITBULL PUPPIES


Looking behind her you notice another puppy. The other puppy appears to be considerably larger then she is. The average person picking out a puppy from the litter is generally drawn to the bigger puppies, believing they will be the better dog. Nothing could be further from the truth. Often times it is the runt of the litter that turns out to be the Cinderella story. Therefore, when making your pick, do not look at the size of the puppies as this can be deceiving. Instead look at the qualities I mentioned earlier, along with other characteristic to determine the one you will pick. REMY PITBULL PUPPY BREEDERS


Many years ago, a man by the name of Samuel was given the task of selecting the King of Israel. The man he choose was handsome and stood head and shoulders taller than all the people. Sadly, he turned out to be unworthy of the Kingship. Again Samuel was tasked with picking a King as a replacement. He was directed to a certain household where a certain man had a litter of eight sons to choose a king from among. The first son was taken before Samuel, and Samuel thought that surely this has to be the one, as he was extraordinary in appearance. But Samuel was told by God; “Do not look at his appearance and at the height of his stature, for I have rejected him". Seven sons in a row, was taken before Samuel, all of whom were rejected. Finally, the runt of the litter was taken before him. And it was this one that God choose. Why was David, the pick of the Litter? It was not because of appearance, but it was because of his heart condition. The lesson of course is; when making your selection of a dog or a puppy, do not be taken by the appearance. Instead, get to know the dog's qualities. Then you will be able to choose one worthy of Kingship. ... SUPPLEMENTS TO KEEP YOUR DOG HEALTHY