You will enjoy this picture of a pitbull puppy yawning. And while she does I can examine her teeth...lol. In any event she is adorable, I am sure you will agree. Now if you are wondering why a Pit Bull might be yawning, my guess is that she is having a "dog day afternoon". You know what that feels like. You just get done eating that late afternoon meal, and before long you are ready for a "Siesta". If you are here to look at puppy pictures enjoy. If however you are here to learn about Pit Bull puppies, you will want to read all the information on these pages too. PUPPIES FOR SALE PAGES CLICK HERE


In the preceding paragraph I mentioned that while the puppy was yawning it was a good time to examine their teeth. What you may not know is that a close examination of a dog's teeth can reveal a lot about the dogs health. Have you ever heard the metaphor "you don't look a gift horse in the mouth"? If you lived on a farm or in the Old West, you would understand the implication. Those familiar with animals, know that you can learn much about an animals health by examining the teeth. The metaphor implies that if someone gives you something for free, you don't show ingratitude by examining the item or object with a critical eye as if you were paying top dollar. You are getting the item for free. Be grateful! LEARN HOW TO KEEP YOUR DOG HEALTHY


If and when I take any of my dogs to a new Vet, and they don't examine the teeth first, I know this is a vet that I am not likely to come back to. Dogs generally have pretty tough teeth. They will chew on things for hours on end that are hard enough to cut a diamond. So although their teeth are very tough, dogs are tough on them. If a dog injures a tooth or gets an infection of the gums, he is going to tell you he has a toothache? Unless you look you wouldn't know. What you will notice, is that the dog has lost it's appetite and is losing weight. If there is an infection, the dog is going to be sick, and eventually you notice and take them to the vet. A good vet knows to start with an examination of the teeth. THIS WILL HELP KEEP YOUR DOG'S TEETH CLEAN


We all know the importance of cleaning our teeth regularly. The same is true with our dogs. Although I don't know of many who brush their dogs teeth, I am sure that some people do, or at least say they do. I can't imagine that it would be easy, or that the dog would hold still. Personally, I'm not going down that road. Instead I feed treats that are designed to help clean teeth. Additionally I regularly inspect their teeth, for any obvious signs of trouble. THE RIGHT VITAMINS AND SUPPLEMENTS


Now we might conclude that since our dog doesn't have a sweat tooth... and even if they do, you are not going to give them anything that is going to rot their teeth, that they are unlikely to have teeth problems. And besides, you may reason, animals in the wild, don't get dental care, and they do just fine. If we thought that way, we would be mistaken. One of the leading causes of death in an animal, either predator or prey, is because of having teeth problems. You have probably heard stories of Tigers or Lions preying on people, and when the animal is killed they find that it had been suffering from dental issues that caused it to be too weak to pursue it's normal swifter prey, and so therefore... The lesson of course, keep a good eye on your pets teeth. Now if you can get them to "say aah", you will be all set. If not you may have to wait until they are yawing to get a good peak. Read more here... THIS IS WHAT I USE AND SO SHOULD YOU