You will enjoy this picture of a pitbull puppy with a white chest, as I examine her closely. If you are looking for a Pitbull Puppy with a white chest, you won't have any trouble finding one. Almost every Pit Bull, no matter what color, has a white chest. So instead of searching for Pitbull Puppies with white chests, you will want to decide what color you like best and go from there. I have quite a few different color puppies in this puppy gallery, so take some time to look at them closely and see what strikes you. PITBULL PUPPY WITH WHITE CHEST FOR SALE CLICK HERE


I encourage you to look closely at the picture above. This little girl has all the makings of being a kennel maker for the serious breeder. I do my best to choose the right female to the right male when doing any breeding. Even when I have made the perfect selection of Sire and Dam, not every puppy in the litter will have what it takes to become a Mr Pitbull brand dog worthy of breeding. When puppies are first born, you are always hopeful that the litter will produce a "Tri-Fecta" or as some will say a "Triple Crown". In other words, out of a litter of eight, ten, or twelve puppies, you hope that three of them, have what it takes to be "Champion" quality. If this occurs, and it rarely does, it is a litter you remember for a long time. FEMALE PITBULL WITH WIDE WHITE CHEST


Of course when the puppies are being delivered, it is always a time of great excitement and anticipation. With every puppy that is delivered, after cleaning it up, you look very closely at it admiring it's God given beauty, and you wonder, will this one be "The One"? Will he or she, be worthy of being selected to be an exclusive member of Mr Pitbull's kennel? When the Dam is finally done giving birth you look the litter over and I have to admit, I start thinking "Grand Slam". Now, I try to run that thought out of my head, knowing that the possibility of having four champion quality puppies in a single litter is, at best, a long shot. Still, if things go as I had planned, this could be the one! ANOTHER FEMALE PITBULL WITH WHITE CHEST


When the puppies are born, the only thing you can tell about them, is their color. At this stage, there is no way of seeing anything that would suggest that he or she has the makings of being a champion. Now one thing they will all have in common, is of course, a "white chest". After that, you will have to wait before you can start identifying the characteristics you are looking for. It is not until they are on their feet running around, until you can start to assess their physical qualities. If you look back at the picture of the Pitbull Puppy with the white chest at the top of the page, you will note that I am evaluating her closely. You will note that she has the wide chests that Mr Pitbull brand Puppies are known for. From this angle, this is a puppy we will have to keep our eye on! CHAMPION QUALITY FEMALE PITBULL


If all that we were looking for in a champion caliber dog was a wide chest, this girl would be well on her way to joining a top notch kennel operation like Mr Pitbull. There are many more physical characteristics that come into play when making a distinction between a "pet quality" dog and a dog worthy of joining our kennel. If you have taken the time to read through the pages in this puppy gallery, I have explained much of what to be on the look out for. I hope after visiting Mr Pitbull you will be an educated consumer. Read more here... START YOUR OWN KENNEL