Could this be your next dog? Why spend a lot of money on a pitbull puppy when there are plenty of puppies waiting for adoption? Contact your local shelter and you may come home with a little guy like this one. Sound too good to be true? Follow my advice and you will be armed with the information needed to snag a beautiful Pit Bull Puppy for a small adoption fee. Take a look at the puppy pictures and imagine one of these beauties could be yours! And yes I do mean you! ADOPT A PITBULL PUPPY CLICK HERE


You have called all the local Dog shelters and Pitbull Rescue organizations in your area, and were told that they only adopt out adult dogs. They don't have Pitbull Puppies for adoption they tell you. HOGWASH! Don't believe that for a second. That is what they tell everyone, knowing that most people will take their word for it and adopt one of the adult dogs, which are harder to find homes for. Okay, they say they don't have any Pit Bull Puppies for adoption; so you hang up the phone. Big mistake. Remember, the old saying "where there is a will there is a way". If you have your mind made up on a Pitbull Puppy for adoption, then read on and I will tell you how to go about Pitbull Puppy adoption. LEARN HOW TO ADOPT THE PERFECT PUPPY


Thousands, in fact, tens of thousands of Pitbulls go up for adoption and are in need of rescue every year. There are a variety of reasons why someone is no longer to care for their dog and the poor thing ends up being homeless. You won't believe some of the most beautiful and best dogs you have ever seen can be found in a shelter. Most people do not want to give up their dog, but sometimes circumstances beyond their control make it necessary. So if it can happen to an adult dog, it can and does happen with puppies too. For example, you can not even begin to believe how often I get emails from someone who bred their female Pit Bull in hopes of selling the puppies. In almost every case, they tell how they had them all pre-sold. But some how everyone ran into situations when it came time to pick up the puppy they couldn't. Now the person is stuck with a growing litter of Puppies, eating them out of house and home and they are at their wits end trying to care for them, of which they are not equipped to do so. They then contact me and offer to give them all to me for free. This happens all the time. Where do you think these puppies end up at? At the shelter of course. HELP SOMEONE ELSE ADOPT A PITBULL PUPPY


Now sometimes, in fact often, a given shelter will not take Pitbull Puppies for adoption. If they do, they will not be able to move the adults. Too, it provides an easy way out, for the person who did the unadvised breeding. They would rather teach them a lesson so it doesn't happen again. Sometimes if the owner agrees to spay the female, the shelter will assist in moving the puppies, and this is where you come in. Of course this is just one of many scenarios that lead to a Pitbull Puppy being available for adoption. ARE PITBULLS SAFE AROUND CHILDREN


Back in the day, a popular metaphor was "the squeaky wheel gets the grease". And although today, most wheel bearings are sealed and are longer greased, the metaphor aspect still holds true. With a little determination, you will be able to locate a nice Pitbull Puppy for adoption. Here is how. If after calling, you are informed that no puppies are available for adoption, ask if you can leave your phone number in the event any come in. You may be surprised. If they take your number, call back every few days for the first few weeks. At the very least, call at least once a week to check. Again, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease". Now if you want to speed up the process. Go and visit the shelter. In fact, visit regularly. Get to know the people who work there. Let them know, that in your case, only a Pitbull Puppy adoption will do. Make sure you talk to the people working out in the kennel. They may be aware of an available Pitbull Puppy for adoption that the person who answers the phone isn't. Read more here... BEST FOOD FOR AN ADOPTED EDGE PITBULL PUPPY


Many dog shelters and Pitbull rescues rely heavily on volunteers to help care for the dogs and maintain the kennels. If you are so inclined, why not volunteer to help. A few hours a day or just one day a week, is always appreciated. Many people sign up as such, and 20 years later they are still involved. Very few things are more rewarding than volunteering at a dog shelter or Pitbull rescue. Even if you simply volunteer for one summer, what you will learn about dogs and how to take care of them, will be very valuable for years to come. And think about this; when it comes time to apply for a job, and on your resume' you are able to show that you volunteered for a worthwhile community service, think how this will play in getting hired for jobs in a completive field. Over sixty-five percent of Americans own a pet. And those who do, are very fond of their pet and take kindly to someone who is a regular volunteer at an animal shelter. In other words, at the very least, you have about a sixty-five percent chance that the one doing the hiring will be impressed with your resume'. PITBULL PUPPY ADOPTION HEALH CHALLANGES


And while you are working at Pitbull shelter, you will have the opportunity to have first pick of any Pitbull puppy that does come in for adoption! Although, from experience I can tell you, chances are, you will fall head over heals (or head over paws) in love with one of the adult dogs, and decide that the two of you were made for each other. Even though you started out looking for a Pitbull Puppy for adoption, you were able to grow a little and broaden your love in the process. ... SUPPLEMENTS TO KEEP YOUR PUPPY HEALTHY