In the ever changing Pet Insurance marketplace, can you afford to do without insurance for your beloved Pet? Look these two puppies in the eyes and tell them that Pet Insurance is optional. You love them with all your heart. From the moment you set eyes on your beloved Pet it was love at first sight. You would do anything for them. In fact, when it comes to our Pets, no expense is too great. Experts in fact say that people will tend to spend money on their Pet, just as they would a beloved child. For many, their Pet is their child. If that is true for you, would you even think of going without adequate insurance for your beloved Pet? CONSIDER ONE OF THESE PUPPIES FOR YOUR NEXT PET


And so where can you find cheap Pet Insurance? To answer that, first we will need to define your needs. Are you looking for "good" pet insurance or for "cheap" pet insurance? If you are simply looking for the cheapest price, you may get what you are looking for but find out that a cheap price does not necessarily mean a cheap cost. Let me explain. Years back when I first started breeding dogs I had several dogs come down with a bad case of the runs. I knew that it was more than your garden variety, so I called a few Vets and asked how much for a consultation? Of course, like an idiot I went to the one that quoted the cheapest price. When I got there, I found that the price did not include any test at all and only a brief examination that did not diagnose a thing. I went to a second Vet, only to end up with the same incompetence as the first. Finally, I called the Vet that had quoted a price twice as high as the others, for an appointment. When I told them what had occurred at the first two vets, they indicated the price they had quoted included all of the testing that they knew would be required for what I had described. The other two places never even suggested doing the test, which in the end where fundamental in getting a correct diagnoses. The vet that quoted the high price, sent samples to Michigan State University for evaluation (included in quoted price) and I got back a detailed report that said they were suffering from both Hookworms and Giardia. In the end, although the first two Vets had a cheaper price, they cost a lot more than the Vet with the higher price. You can read more about this experience and what I learned Here: HOOK WORM TREATMENT FOR PETS GIARDIA TREATMENT FOR PETS


Over the years I've learned that it can be difficult to find and maintain good Pet Insurance. This is especially true with Pit Bulls. One year, one particular company will have a great deal on insurance and will have received good reviews. And the next year, they don't even cover Pit Bulls at all for any price. This of course may not be true with other breeds of dogs. Yet I am confident that dog bite insurance is a segment of the pet insurance industry that can change quickly for any company. In any event, if the only thing that you insure with a given company is your pet, you can pretty much expect that after they quote you with a cheap price, the following year your rate will go up. Read more here... BEST FOOD FOR YOUR DOG


The cost of insuring our beloved Pets is rising rapidly, as is the cost of insuring about anything these days. Whenever you see someone winning a 100 million dollar judgment because a doctor used 3 stitches when he should have used 4, you can bet we all will be paying more. So too, it used to be that our vet lived next door or on the next street over in our neighborhood. Today, they own a mansion on Boardwalk and a vacation home on Park Place. Us little guys are paying for that, because they know, they have us over a barrel. What are we going to do? Some are going without Pet Insurance unfortunately. READ MORE HERE: BEST FOOD FOR OVER WEIGHT DOGS


Because of the rising cost of Pet Insurance, many are going without Pet Insurance. Big mistake! At the very least, it is important to make sure and have it in writing that our homeowner policy covers us in the case of a dog bite or some other incident that could be blamed on our pet. If someone trips over your cat, are you going to be covered? Better ask your agent to be certain. ... SUPPLEMENTS TO KEEP YOUR DOG HEALTHY


It is stunning to me how many people are willing to take a chance and go without health insurance for their Pet. In fact, according to insurance statistics only 1% of dog and cat owners have health insurance on their pet. A good place to check for advice on what you should consider and where to get the best deals, is Consumer Reports. Every few years they do an analysis of Pet Insurance and can provide some pretty good information. Accident and illness coverage according to Consumer Reports run about $500 for a dog a year. You can opt to get just accident coverage that will cost a couple of hundred a year, and is a good option for many. READ HERE: VITAMINS THAT WILL KEEP YOUR DOG HEALTHY