One look at his face and immediately you know that something is troubling him. I understand that he has just been told you have decided to forgo purchasing insurance on him. Suddenly his life has flashed before his eyes. He knows, even at his tender age, that a dog's life is fraught with danger and uncertainty. He understands that insurance for dogs can be expensive, but still, he thought that he was priceless in your eyes. Now for the first time in his life he lacks confidence. Now for the first time, he wonders if his future will be a happy one or a future of unseen tragedy; tragedy that could have been avoided if only you had purchased insurance for dogs. He is totally dependent on you. What will you do, he can't help but wonder? PUPPIES FOR SALE PAGES CLICK HERE


Money tight, income limited, need insurance for your dog? Don't take a chance with your beloved dog's life. If you are contemplating purchasing a dog, no doubt you have given at least some thought to the fact that owning a dog will require some expenditures on your part. But have you fully considered all the costs? The Bible says "who of you wanting to build a tower does not first sit down and calculate the expense to see if he has enough to complete it?" Likewise, before purchasing a dog, a wise person will make sure they have the funds to purchase insurance for their dog. So before purchasing your dog, get with your insurance agent and find out what insurance they offer for dogs. Perhaps you will be surprised at how affordable insurance for a dog can be. At the very least, make sure you have at least cheap insurance for your dog that covers him or her in the case of a major emergency. BEST FOOD FOR YOUR DOG


You would be surprised how many times people have emailed me wondering where to get good insurance for dogs. More than half of the time, they have not even checked with their own insurance agent. Generally, it is best to get your dog's insurance through your insurance agent. A company that is insuring you for a number of items may be able to roll the insurance into your existing coverage cheaply. Of course too, it may be a good excuse to shop around for all your insurance needs as insurance companies tend to sell insurance to new customers for less. In any event, make sure at a minimum you are covered for dog bite or other liabilities. Your dog could be hit by a car, you the driver may sue you. In this day and age, you can't be to careful. Read more here... ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ABOUT DOGS ANSWERED READ HERE


You cannot believe the excuses that are given for not getting dog insurance. When I sell a dog to someone who is willing to spend thousands of dollars on their dog, generally speaking, insurance or failure to purchase insurance isn't an issue. People, even those with a limited income who have saved up enough money to buy a $4000 dog, will make sure the dog is insured, even if money is tight. What is interesting is that some who have gotten their dog from a shelter or who otherwise did not spend much money on their dog, will often times reason that the dog is not worth much and therefore do not get the health and accident insurance needed. I always say to them, whether the dog cost ten thousand dollars or ten dollars, do you love the dog any more or less? Of course not! READ HERE: BEST VITAMINS TO KEEP YOUR DOG HEALTHY


It is terrible to loose a dog under any circumstance; this is true. However it is one thing to loose a dog because he got hit by a car, and quite another to loose your dog because you can't afford the medical care. That is a extra heavy burden that some have had to carry. You don't want to have that weight on your shoulders. Before taking a dog home, make sure you have counted the cost and that your dog will be adequately cared for; insurance included. READ HERE: ... THIS WILL IMPROVE YOUR DOG'S HEALTH