I enjoy showing off my puppies when they look like this guy. Raising healthy pitbull puppies is a challenge. When I get a guy like this one, I pat myself on the back! If you are here because you want to see pictures of Pitbull Puppies, be my guest; enjoy. If you are here because you want information on how to raise a healthy Pitbull Puppy, then you will want to read this article along with all my health pages. Mr Pitbull is packed with health tips, that I share from my experience of raising healthy Pitbull Puppies. MR PITBULL'S DOG HEALTH PAGES CLICK HERE


If you want a healthy puppy, it may come as a surprise to learn that "pure bred" dogs are generally not as likely to be healthy as a mixed breed dog. This is especially true when a particular breed becomes very popular and everyone who owns a dog starts breeding. This often results in a lot of inbreeding. A guy buys a dog and then his friend buys a dog from the same litter, later they decide they want to breed their dogs and although they know that they shouldn't breed a brother and sister, they do so anyways. This happens more often than you can imagine. I can't begin to tell you how many times I get emails from people asking if it is okay to do breedings of close relatives. I generally point them to this ARTICLE ON INBREEDING FROM WIKIPEDIA. I would guess that even armed with the facts, 50% of people do the breeding anyways. Such a breeding always results in puppies with a compromised immune system. BEST FOOD FOR A HEALTHY PITBULL PUPPY


Purchasing a Pit Bull Puppy from a breeder is not always a guarantee that the puppy is going to be healthy and not inbred. Often times I see breeders advertising "4 times this and 5 times that". In other words, within the pedigree (another word for recent ancestors) are a lot of close relatives of the same bloodline that have been bred. Avoid buying from anyone who advertises such, as they obviously have no idea what they are doing. What you want to do is examine the "papers" (registry document that shows the ancestors) of both the male and the female to make sure that the puppies are not inbred. For most people who are going to be unfamiliar with a given breed of dog and the various bloodlines, you will need help in doing so. Read more here... WHY YOUR PUPPY NEEDS SHOTS EVERY TWO WEEKS


In any given dog breed there are a number of professional breeders that do what is referred to as "Line Breeding". This is when a breeder carefully selects dogs from certain bloodlines that are related, but not too closely. They endeavor to avoid inbreeding, yet remain within certain undefined parameters to capitalize on certain dominant features of a given bloodline. A good breeder who is careful and selective can be successful and avoid major problems, yet still such dogs are not likely to be as healthy as a mixed breed dog that has a completely random bloodline. READ MORE HERE: LEARN ABOUT DOG REGISTRATION


A great example of both the benefit and danger of inbreeding is found in the Bible. In first Chronicles, and in first and second Samuel, the Bible speaks of a tribe referred to as "The Rephaim", these were men of extraordinary size. One of those men was Goliath who David struck down. The Bible further tells that at least one of them had 24 fingers and toes, meaning six for each hand and foot. Such were no doubt caused by inbreeding. On one hand (no pun intended), the inbreeding had the desired effect of creating a race of giants who were might warriors. On the other hand the inbreeding had some severe unintended consequences; extra fingers and toes for example. Too, although the Bible doesn't indicate, in general, Giants have a short live span. And so likewise, breeding dogs with a close bloodline may result in creating a breed with some great qualities, but will also have unintended negative qualities. ... HERE IS HOW TO PROTECT YOUR PUPPY


When you buy a registered dog, you are able to examine the registry paperwork and make sure that the dog is not inbred. A dog that does not have papers, one that for instance if picked up at a rescue, there is no way of knowing if it is inbred, and thus would have a number of unseen genetic health problems. Of course if you have done your research, there are often "tell tell" signs that you can look for. But that is a subject for another article. READ HERE: THIS IS WHAT TO FEED A HEALTHY PITBULL PUPPY