Because dogs can't talk, a good dog owner learns how to read the face and particularly the eyes of his dog. Being an expert at this, this little fella is clearly saying; "Are you kidding me! You haven't got health insurance on me yet?" Just look at those eyes and you'll see, its obvious. Of course he gets that same look when he is saying; "What do you mean, you are thinking about getting me neutered?" You have to admit his expression of concern could be either one. To be perfectly honest, I can't remember what he was most concerned about on this particular day. In any event, for this article, we will say that he is concerned about health insurance, as well he should be. Now if you are simply here to look at puppy pictures, we hope you enjoy your visit. If you want to know about health insurance for dogs, read on. MR PITBULL'S ADVANCE DOG TRAINING CLICK HERE


I've heard of "puppy dog eyes", and now I know why. This little blue pitbull has the most inviting eyes you have ever seen. People may think that a dog has nothing to be concerned about. We've all heard of "its a dog's life", indicating he is being taken care of and has no worries. Yet this little fella would say "try walking in my shoes for a day". It is staggering to think about how many dog owners decide to go without health insurance on their beloved pet. PITBULL PUPPY FOR SALE HERE


Yeah, we understand, money has been a little tight lately. And you've had a few unexpected expenses. Okay, we got ya. So you've had to forgo getting health insurance for your dog. Okay, again, we're not judging you. But, can we ask you a question? What was that package from Amazon you got last week? Oh, they had a great deal on that super deluxe bluetooth speaker you've had your eye on, did they. Okay, we get it, we understand. We understand that that speaker was more important than making sure your dog is protected in case of emergency. Now we might be simplifying things a little, but really, in most cases when someone does without health insurance for their dog, it is a matter of priorities. Read more here... BEST FOOD FOR YOUR DOG


So you've decided to roll the dice. What are the odds that something is going to happen that will necessitate having to have health insurance on your dog? You think it is a long shot, and that may be true. But what is the chances that that super deluxe bluetooth speaker is going to set on the shelf and not get a lot of use either? If you are like me, we get all excited about the latest and greatest of something, and purchase it, only to see it gather dust after the initial excitement wears off. I will tell you what won't wear off; your love for your dog. He or she is not ever going to set on a shelf. You dog is one of the most important things in your life, so treat them that way. READ MORE HERE: BEST VITAMINS FOR YOUR DOG


Few things do we ever purchase and hope when purchasing it, that we do not ever have to use it. Health insurance for our dog is one of those things. We love our dog and want him or her to remain healthy. Yet, we know that a serious health emergency can arise at a moments notice, when it is least expected. Having owned a number of dogs, I know this first hand. For that reason, I am practically able to drive to the 24 hour emergency vet clinic blindfolded! And I will tell you something else about 24 emergency vet clinics, their prices can vary tremendously from one clinic to another. So if you are one who is likely to go without health insurance for your dog, then make sure that periodically you call around to various clinics and ask for prices on a few different emergency procedures. I drive a considerable extra distance to go to a clinic that treats me fairly. I also, take my dogs there for non emergencies so that they consider me a regular customer. ... JOINT HEALTH FOR DOGS


If you are one who has concluded that you are going to chance it, I would recommend that you spend a few hours at an emergency clinic. Since you are unlikely to do that, I will tell you what you will find. The clinic I take my dogs to, can be a very busy place. It's kind of out in the country (suburbs/country) but has a large staff, to handle a pretty good volume. A few hours there and you see that no one thought they would be spending the evening at the clinic. But with a dog, emergencies do happen. The look of utter despair on the dog owners faces paints a telling picture. As they lineup to pay their bills, pay attention to the amounts, that is telling as well. If you get a chance, ask the person manning the counter, how many people are unable to afford the care and have to have their dog euthanized? Believe me you don't want that to be you! READ HERE: RAW MEAT DIET FOR DOGS