Nothing better than the smiling face of a happy pitbull puppy, well except for two happy pitbull puppies! Take a look at these two beautiful happy pitbull puppies. The Tri female turned out to be Venus. You can see her in our Female Pitbull Picture Gallery! Now if you would like to be happy like these two puppies, just take a few minutes to enjoy looking at the puppy pictures. Sure to bring a smile to the face of even the most downcast individuals. HAPPY PITBULL PUPPIES FOR SALE CLICK HERE


The day that you picked up your Pit Bull Puppy was a happy day for both of you. You looked forward to seeing the puppy grow up to be your closest companion and best friend. Your puppy having been bred with a strong desire to please his or her master, is very excited with the individual attention you are showing him or her. They look forward to giving you their unflinching love and loyalty. But this happy moment can come to a crashing halt, if you miss just one of many important health needs of your puppy. BEST FOOD FOR HAPPY PITBULL PUPPIES


You did everything right. You did your homework and you selected a quality Pit Bull breeder. When you left your breeder with your new puppy, the breeder gave you paperwork outlining the complete health history of your puppy. Even though your puppy is up to date on all it's shots and has just been wormed, your first stop should be to your veterinarian. They will give your new puppy a quick examination and set an appointment for his or her next set of shots in two weeks. This is critical! I can't tell you how many times I have explained to people picking up their new puppy that they will need the next set of shots in two weeks and will also need to be dewormed, and it goes in one ear and out the other. If you go straight to your vet, they will help you stay right on schedule. This is absolutely critical as I explain in this article: Read more here... WHY YOUR PUPPY NEEDS SHOTS EVERY TWO WEEKS


One thing that can quickly turn your happy Pit Bull Puppy into a very sad puppy is the Deadly Parvo Virus. It along with several other potentially deadly viruses are the reason that all puppies need a series of shots. We have been conditioned to believe that the shots we give our children are given in case of a very unlikely event, a one in a million possibility. That may be true, as the American Medical Association has pretty much eradicated many diseases that were once common. But this is not the case with viruses that can attack your puppy. In fact the Parvo virus is very prevalent. A puppy that is not kept up to date on it's shots is susceptible to the virus. The Parvo virus can be likened to EBOLA! First, it is very contagious and is easily transmitted. Once a unprotected dog or puppy catches it, the chance of survival even with extraordinary vet care is 50/50 at best. READ MORE HERE: PROTECT YOUR PUPPIES FROM PARVO


To keep your Pit Bull Puppy Happy, you will need to make sure you have a regular schedule of de-worming. All dogs must be de-wormed, on a set schedule. Puppies need to be dewormed every two weeks, starting at 4 weeks of age. The schedule can be adjusted according to age and circumstances. It is best to consult your Vet to make sure your dog is being fully protected. Some types of worms can be difficult to eradicate, so you will want to read all of my pages on de-worming. Even if your dog is a house dog, living on the 50th floor of a high rise, they can and will get worms. I explaining more in this series of articles: ... HERE IS HOW TO PROTECT YOUR PUPPY


Your puppy needs a good to stay healthy and happy. The commercial dog food industry is sadly lacking when it comes to good puppy food. Imagine if all you ever ate was cheeseburgers from Burger King. How healthy do you think you would be? If all you ate were cheeseburgers you would be better off than a puppy who eats Puppy Chow. That is a fact. At least everything in a cheeseburger is digestible. More than half of the ingredients in many puppy dog food is not even digestible. Not only is your puppy going to have health problems because of eating a terrible diet, they are going to have enormous huge piles of stool that stinks to high heaven. I have fed many puppies and have learned a thing or two that I believe you can benefit from. I am certain that if you follow my advice your dog will thank you for doing so. The link is to one page on puppy food, however there are many pages on my site devoted to nutrition. Make sure you read all of them. READ HERE: THIS IS WHAT TO FEED YOUR HAPPY PUPPY