Now this is one fat little pitbull puppy! And I will tell you he didn't get like this eating Puppy Chow either. On this page I will endeavor to provide you with some of the tips that myself and the top kennels use to make sure that our puppies are as healthy as a horse (so to speak). Follow my tips and your puppies will look like this fat Pitbull Puppy too. I hope you like the puppy pictures too! I might also suggest that you check out the puppies I have for sale as well FAT PITBULL PUPPY FOR SALE CLICK HERE


A healthy fat Pitbull Puppy does not happen by accident. A lot of work, time, effort and planning goes into producing healthy Pitbull Puppies. Healthy puppies start with the parents and primarily the mother. Any female Pitbull that is bred should be of age and in peak physical condition. There is a lot of opinions as to the earliest age a female should be bred. In general, a larger breed female should not be bred before 24 months. A Pitbull size female should not be bred before 18 months. 24 months is better. Although the female may be able to go into heat and conceive earlier, they are not physically sound, and problems for the female will occur without exception. As a dog grows the bones are soft. Once the dog has reached full size, the bones then begin to harden. This process can take up to 12 months or more depending on the size and breed of the dog. The larger a particular breed of dog is, the longer it takes for the bones to harden sufficiently so as to be able to carry a pregnancy without undue stress on the bones. BEST FOOD FOR YOUR PITBULL PUPPY DOG


Next, you want to make sure that your female is getting lots of exercise. This is critical for a healthy litter of puppies. I exercise my pregnant females exactly the same way as I do before they are pregnant. In fact, I exercise them right up until they go into nesting mode; just prior to delivery. They will let you know if they are not up to the task. If you have been feeding them good and engaging them in a sensible exercise routine, they will be running after the thrown ball or chasing after the flirt with the same enthusiasm right up until the day of they give birth. I once read a book by famous Antarctica explorer Douglas Mawson who had pregnant female sled dogs that pulled sleds all day long, only stopping momentarily to give birth. I don't know if you would call such "sensible" exercise or not. Just using the experience to illustrate they can be exercised a lot more than one might think. Read more here... MY DOG'S FAVORITE EXERCISE ROUTINE


If you are feeding the pregnant female Purina Dog Chow or any one of hundreds of other terrible commercial dog food, you are not going to have good fat healthy Pitbull Puppies. If she is going to produce good Milk and lots of it, she has to have a very good diet. Even the best grain free kibble is not going to be enough. You will want to make sure that in addition to a good quality grain free kibble, you are feeding a nice mixture of other quality ingredients and supplements. READ HERE: BEST DOG FOOD FOR PREGNANT FEMALES


Should you feed your pregnant female a Raw Meat Diet? Absolutely! I do. I feed all my adult dogs a raw diet. But whatever you do, do not start your female on a raw diet either while she is pregnant or just before breeding. Make sure she has been on a raw diet for at least a month or two before breeding. It isn't good to start experimenting with diet while she is pregnant. READ HERE: ... FEED YOUR DOGS A RAW MEAT DIET - HERE'S HOW


You are exercising mom, feeding her a good balanced diet; one more thing you need to do. You have to baby sit the puppies continually for the first few weeks. Rarely, have I ever had a litter where every puppy is a good feeder. There is almost always at least one puppy that is getting pushed off the nipple and not getting enough. Without your intervention, every day that goes by the strong puppies will get stronger and the weak puppy will get weaker. For the first few weeks plan on getting up every night, in the middle of the night and arranging the puppies on the nipples. Always make sure that you are putting the ones with the most need on the back or hind nipples. These are the best milk producers. If you have taken care of your female properly, she will have plenty of milk for a larger litter. And all your Pit Bull Puppies will be fat and healthy. READ HERE: SHOULD YOU BREED YOUR PIT BULL - EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW