Let's compare pet insurance. Mr Pitbull takes a close look at various pet insurance companies and provides you with some useful recommendations. Whether you spent thousands on you beloved pet or picked him or her up at the pound, you love your pet and you want to make sure that in the case of an emergency they are protected with adequate insurance.


If you have been looking for pet insurance you have no doubt noted that is can be difficult to compare pet insurance. If you were looking for home or auto insurance, the first thing you would do to compare insurance, would be to ask a friend or relative what insurance company they are using. Since almost everyone has home and or auto insurance, their recommendations make it easy to compare insurance. Most people in fact make their decisions on insurance based on someones advice. But try asking your friends, relatives or workmates about pet insurance and you are likely to run into blank stares. Reason being, less than 1 percent of pet owners have pet insurance. So if you are going to compare pet insurance you are going to have do it yourself. Perhaps that is why you are here. BEST DOG FOOD


Since you are not likely to get much help from your current circle of friends, why not expand your circle to include friends from the INTERNET. There are a number of Pet forums where people discuss their experience with pet insurance companies. Reading their experiences can be helpful in comparing the best pet insurance for your particular need. Here are a few pages I found that have a lot of people like you and I sharing their experiences. COMPARE PET INSURANCE HERE - SCROLL TO BOTTOM OF PAGE FOR CUSTOMER REVIEWS


Since you are looking for recommendations from people and website that you don't know, it is easy to be misled. In virtual every industry there are a number of websites that look like legitimate "Review" sites, but are completely fake. I note that this is especially true with pet insurance review sites. First you have the sites that review about every thing under the sun. Many of these site have done virtually zero actual reviews themselves, but rely wholly on paid endorsements, by which they base their reviews and recommendations. You will see a lot of that when comparing pet insurance companies. So too, there are a number of legit looking websites that look like you are getting a real review, but upon close examination, you can see that the site is built by a pet insurance company or an agent. For this reason when comparing pet insurance companies, I generally skip these reviews and look to pet forums to see what real people are saying. Here are a few threads from pet forums where you can find real people comparing pet insurance: COMPARE PET HEALTH INSURANCE - GERMAN SHEPHERD FORUM COMPARE PET HEALTH INSURANCE - POODLE FORUM COMPARE PET HEALTH INSURANCE - GOLDEN RETRIEVER FORUM COMPARE PET HEALTH INSURANCE - BOXER FORUM


Interestingly, the pet insurance industry has a trade group organization that can also be a useful resource to compare pet insurance. The North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) has some interesting information that highlights recent pet insurance trends that can also be beneficial in making an informed decision. Of course, expect that there could be some bias in their reporting. They also have a page that list a couple of dozen different pet insurance companies, where you can easily contact in order to compare pet insurance prices. The link to their site is below. ... LIST OF PET INSURANCE PROVIDERS


According to the NAPHIA, the average cost for health insurance for a dog is $473 a year. Reading a number of forums, I believe the price to be higher. In fact, some are paying about a $100 a month for full coverage. Of course the prices for insurance are going to vary based on variety factors similar to purchasing health insurance for a person. Such things as age, geographic area, extent of coverage can have a big influence on the cost of pet insurance as you might expect. One thing that can have a big effect on the cost of pet insurance is the breed of the dog. Certain breeds of dogs are much more prone to health problems and can be very costly to insure. If you already of a dog, you will want to insure regardless. Yet if you are looking for a new dog, you may want to check with a few insurance companies to see what breeds cost less to insure. Interestingly, pure bred dogs cost more to insure than mixed breeds. If you have done any reading on my site, this is in harmony with the fact that mixed breeds are generally healthier. If you don't want to pay upwards of a $100 a month for pet insurance you can cut the cost with a policy that only covers accidents. This will reduce the cost of pet insurance considerably, down to $158 for a dog and $132 for a cat according to the NAPHIA. Of course, one of the best way to insure your pet is to keep him or her healthy with good nutrition. READ HERE: VITAMINS THAT WILL KEEP YOUR DOG HEALTHY