Here are two pitbull puppies that you just know will turn out to be awesome looking bullies. Some young boy or girl will be delighted to make a home for one of these or maybe both. Did I mention deep blue eyes? Read all my information pages to learn why Pitbull Puppies are the best pet for many families. Of course as long as you are here, enjoy the puppy pictures! If you are looking for Pitbull Puppies for sale Click Here: PUPPIES FOR SALE CLICK HERE


If you are looking to introduce a pet into your life, you have many choices. If you want a pet that doesn't require much time or little commitment, get a Gold Fish. If you want a pet that can take care of itself, you will want to get a cat. But if you are looking for a pet that is going to pay you back for all the time and energy you put into building a relationship and caring for it's needs, a puppy is the choice of most. Of course there are hundreds of choices when it comes to breeds of puppies for which to choose a pet. Which choice will make the best pet; well that depends on your needs and circumstances. For many, the best pet is Pitbull Puppies. MORE PITBULL PUPPIES


For many, Pitbulls are the best choice for families looking for a new puppy. Of course if you live in an apartment, you should avoid considering Pitbull Puppies as they tend to have a lot of energy and need room to play. If however you have a home with an ample yard, you will be well pleased with the decision to get a Pitbull. Before making a choice of the type of dog to get, you will want to read about the characteristics of the breeds you are considering, to see if the dog will meet your needs. It is also good to talk to owners of the breed to see what they suggest and if they recommend the breed. My guess is that most people will speak favorably of their breed of dog, yet I believe that you will note that those who own a Pitbull will speak with a passion not seen with other breeds. ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED FROM MY MAILBAG


Very few breeds of dogs can match a Pitbull when it comes to temperament. Those who are unfamiliar with Pitbulls are surprised to learn that Pitbulls have one of the top rated temperaments. According to the American Temperament Testing Society (ATTS) Pitbulls are consistently rated near the top as dogs that are stable and friendly. People who work at dog shelters that deal with many different breeds of dogs are ones who are typically first to recommend a Pitbull as the best pet. Many are surprised to learn that these same people are most likely to own a Pitbull over any other breed. Read more here... COMPARE PITBULLS TO OTHER DOG BREEDS


Of course Mr Pitbull is the best place to get Pitbull Puppies. However, since I do very few breedings, most often it is my recommendation that most people should consider going to a Pitbull Shelter or to your local animal shelter. In most large urban areas, you should be able to find several shelters that deal exclusively with Pitbulls. There is typically a lot of dogs in need of a good home and you have a chance to interact with a number of dogs, which is helpful in picking one that is best suited for you and your family. Even if you have your heart set on getting a puppy from a top breeder, before doing so, at least visit a couple of shelters. You may surprise yourself and come how with a new friend; I hope so. READ HERE: LEARN HOW TO GET PAPERS FOR YOUR DOG HERE