You will get a kick out of this Pitbull Puppy trying his best to bark. He'll have to wait a while if he is going to intimidate anyone! Of course as long as you are here enjoy the puppy pictures! PUPPIES FOR SALE PAGES CLICK HERE


Hey, it's a dog, they are suppose to bark. In fact, there are times when you want your puppy to bark. If they have something important to say, any loving dog owner wants to know what is on their dogs mind. Barking is one way that a puppy will communicate with you. We of course expect our puppy to learn our language and so therefore we would do well to learn their language too. A good owner will endeavor to learn when their puppy's barking is for good reason, or if he or she is barking too much, because they simply want to be heard. ADORABLE PITBULL PUPPIES


Generally long before a dog owner realizes that their puppy is barking too much, the neighbors and perhaps the entire neighborhood is all too well aware. In such a case, the dog owner wonders why his or her dog is barking too much and generally places the blame on the dog for barking. In my experience, it is rarely the fault of the dog. Yes, the dog may be the one doing the barking, but most often it is the owner who has allowed it. If a dog or puppy is barking too much, it is a definite sign the the dog owner is not the "leader of the pack" and the dog is simply establishing his or her authority. Your fist step for controlling your dog's barking is to learn how to become the pack leader. You will want to read my article on Pack Training: TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR DOG


Should you employ a barking collar? I am going to go out on a limb and guess that your neighbors would tell you YES! And they are probably right. I have had times owned dozens of dogs at once and have never had a problem with dogs barking when they shouldn't. I can have a half dozen dogs out in the yard all day, and never hear a peep out of them. They will not even bark when people pass by. It is because I have established myself as the leader, and therefore the dogs have no reason to make themselves heard. Of course I have had to on an occasion deal with a dog or two that needed extra encouragement not to bark. This is where a barking collar could be employed. Read more here... ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED FROM MY MAILBAG


Many people believe that a barking collar is cruel and refuse to use one, instead allowing their dog to bark all the time with no concern for others. In most cases these are people who should not own a dog. If your dog barks too much and you refuse to correct it, ask your neighbors what they think about you and your dog. Maybe you have learned to tune out your dog, believe me, your neighbors haven't and shouldn't have to. Get off your high horse and go to Amazon and start reading Bark Collar reviews. You will see thousands of people, just like you who, bit the bullet, employed a bark collar and are glad they did. Read my page on Bark Collars for advice. READ HERE: LEARN HOW TO STOP YOUR DOG FROM BARKING