I want to thank you for visiting Mr Pitbull and stopping by to look at our pitbull puppy pictures. As you look at the photos, please note the attention to detail that Mr Pitbull places on quality breeding and is evident in our puppy pictures. Simply click on one of the thumbnails to zoom in on any of our pitbull puppies. CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT PUPPIES ARE AVAILABLE NOW!

Beautiful Pitbull Puppies!

Of course no visit to Mr Pitbull is complete without taking a look at my PITBULL PICTURE ALBUM where you will find 100's of of the finest bred Pitbulls on earth.

Making a decision to purchase a PITBULL PUPPY is one of the most important decisions one can make. You are inviting into your home and into your life, someone who will be a trusted friend and beloved addition to your family for many years to come. Where to purchase your Pitbull Puppy and from who, are important factors to consider, I am sure you will agree.

Ask Mr Pitbull Anything!

I get more emails from people seeking advice and Pitbull Information than you could even imagine. I have taken the best and most shocking questions and answered them here.

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Are Pitbulls Dangerous?

Do pitbulls have locking jaws? Are pitbulls safe around children? Do pitbulls suddenly snap and attack their owners? These are just a few of the question I answer.

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Rescue a Pitbull today!

So you don't have $3000 to buy a pitbull puppy, but still want a good pet? Mr Pitbull tells you how to go about getting a pitbull for just pennies on the dollar.

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