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I get a lot of emails from people who's dog is experiencing various skin problems seeking treatment solutions. One thing that I have found from my own experience of taking dogs to the vet for repeated visits, is that, it is hard to correctly diagnose the cause of some skin problems your dog may have.

I've also learned something else; no matter how good the medicine is, if your dog's skin problem has been misdiagnosed, the dog's skin condition is not going to improve. With the right diagnoses, and then the right medicine many skin problems a dog may have are quickly cured. Yet, some dog skin problems you may only be able to manage.

On this page I answer questions from my mailbox concerning dogs with skin problems. As always, before attempting any treatment for a dog with a skin problem, it is best to see a vet and get a professional opinion. Some skin problems that dogs may have can be easily identified with a microscope.

Randall From Kansas City Kansas asks Mr PitBull:

Dear Mr PitBull, I have a litter of pitbull puppies and all of them have a skin problem and have broken out with small bare patches on their fur. My vet says that the skin problem was some kind of Mange and prescribed a treatment, but the skin problem is getting worse. What should I do?


Randall, sorry to hear your dogs are having a skin problem and in need of treatment. In order to determine the nature of the skin problem did your vet do a skin scrapping and get results from the lab or from a microscope view? If you are not sure how he concluded the skin problem was mange, you need to ask. What medication did he prescribe for the skin condition?

I had a litter once with the same skin condition you describe. The Vet looked at the skin condition and said it was Mange without even doing a skin scraping. After several weeks the skin condition had not improved so I took them to a second vet who said the skin condition was Mange. When the skin condition still did not improve, I took them to a third Vet. This Vet said the skin condition was a Staph infection and prescribed an antibiotic.

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In a few days there was marked improvement in the skin condition. Within a week the spots were gone and the puppies health restored.

This kind of skin issue is common with pitbull puppies. You can't clean the whelping box fast enough. There were 10 puppies in the litter and one of the puppies was always going to the bathroom. A Staph infection can develop and spread fast among the puppies thus causing a terrible skin condition. Of course in your case I am not saying that this is the cause of your puppies skin condition. But I would ask the vet how it is that he or she ruled out a Staph infection when examining the skin issue.

Beth from Tacoma Washington asks Mr Pitbull:

Dear Mr Pitbull, I have a beautiful Pitbull named Neva who is always itching. I don't know what is causing the skin problem and have grown very concerned because I can see that the skin problem is really bothering her. What do you think it could be?


Beth, there is really no way for me to know as the skin problem could be a number of things. I am certain you have had Neva to the Vet and the treatment prescribed isn't working to solve the skin condition. Therefore I will simply mention the most likely culprits and encourage you to seek out another opinion from either another vet or someone who specializes in allergies.

In the meanwhile, I would switch to a different food source Natural Balance Dry Dog Food, Grain Free Limited Ingredient and see if perhaps it is a food allergy. Corn and grains are a common source of allergy.

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Natural Balance is grain free and a favorite among breeders for dogs with allergy health problems that most often is demonstrate with itchy skin. Too, some dogs may be allergic to Chicken, as well. Many skin and itching problems can be solved by switching foods.

A root causes of many skin issues lies in the pedigree. Most backyard dog breeders do not have a clue as to what they are doing. Many dog breeders think that inbreeding is the key to success. Little do they know that inbred dogs are very prone to allergies because present in every inbred dog without exception is a weakened immune system. This is a scientific fact. Of course I have not seen your dog's pedigree, just mentioning what to look out for in the future.

One thing for sure, if the skin problem is at all chronic, Neva should never be bred and should be spayed, as immune deficiencies are passed on. Let me know if her health improves after you switch foods.

Randy from Darlington asks Mr Pitbull

Dear Mr Pitbull, I have a blue Razors Edge Pitbull named Navajo, he is an awesome dog. However he does have a skin problem. In the summer his fur will have small patches that will fall out. My vet says it is common with blue dogs. What can I do?


Randall, I like the name of your dog. Sounds like you are honoring some of the Native Americans from your area. The skin problem you describe, is indeed a common issue with many Blue Dogs. I had a dog that had the same issue. I would give him Animal Naturals K9 Show Stopper and in about a week the spots would be gone. See if that works for you. I would also try Grizzly Salmon Oil All-Natural Dog Food Supplement.

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Kyle from Baton Rouge asks Mr Pitbull

Dear Mr Pitbull, I need your help desperately! I have a 4 year old pitbull named Noodles. She is a wonderful pitbull. The problem is she is having a skin problem and has broken out with bumps on her stomach and some on her face. At first there was just a few of them and now they are spreading and itching. I talked to some people that told me to rub kerosene all over her. I am really at a loss as to what to do. She is itching them like crazy. Can you help me please?


Kyle, real sorry to hear that Noodles is having some skin problems. Kyle, you failed to mention, what your Vet had to say as the cause of the skin issue. I can only conclude that in your haste, you overlooked including your Vet's report and the prescribed treatment for the skin condition. I know that as an animal lover the first thing you would have done is taken her immediately to your vet as soon as you noticed your dog's skin problems.

Have you let your Vet know that the medication is not working? It may be that Noodles was misdiagnosed and further examination may be needed.

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I would not hesitate to employ another Vet for another opinion. What did the skin scrapping show when the Vet examined it? Certain skin conditions are not always apparent at the time the skin sample was taken. Additional visits may be needed in order to find undeniable evidence as to what is causing her skin problems before treatment and be started. Get her back to the Vet today!

Kerosene was an old remedy to cure head and body lice and other skin conditions caused by mites. I would advise against using Kerosene as a treatment as there are better treatments today! Nor would I try to diagnose the skin problem myself even if I had an idea as to what it could be.

When my dogs have a skin problem, I take them to the Vet. When skin problems persists, I take them back to the Vet or to another Vet for a second opinion. In fact, I spend thousands of dollars a year at the Vet. Anyone that owns a pitbull should be prepared to endure a little expense to keep their pitbull healthy. Keep me posted on Noodles progress please.

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