Can you say BIG; real Big? XXL Pit bulls are taking the industry by storm. If you are looking for a big dog, you can't go wrong with a XXL Pitbull. A young Bartender in this picture. As he has matured into a Huge Blue Nose Pitbull, it is very apparent that he will be vying for many breeding honors. Bartender is actually about an inch shy of meeting the standard of the XXL Pitbull variety. One thing that many are looking for in a XXL Blue Nose PitBull is; huge heads and wide chests. Bartender certainly has those areas covered. Bartender is turning out to be one of the most impressive standard PitBulls in the world. To get an idea of the quality of Bartender's bloodline, I encourage you to take a look at Bartender's sister BounceHer. Of course if you would like to see pictures of BounceHer and the rest of our Ladies click here:MR PITBULL PICTURE GALLERY - "THE LADIES"!


The vast majority of Pit Bulls being bred today are in the standard size and the smaller size known as "Pocket Pit Bulls". Go to any ABKC show and you will see these classes stacked with many entries. Less popular are the XXL size Pit Bulls. Of course, their popularity does not reflect on the quality of the dog in any way. In fact many XXL Pitbull Kennels are seeing a lot of interest in their offerings. Along with the aforementioned some of the best XXL kennels are selling out everything they can produce at hefty prices.


What exactly constitutes an XXL Pit Bull? According to the ABKC - American Bully Kennel Club, a XXL Pitbull has the exact same standards that have to be met as the "Standard" variety with the exception of the dog's height. A male XXL Pitbull must be at least 20" at the withers and females must be at least 19". Those who breed for the XXL Pitbull standard tend to take a lot of pride in their dog's size, and the dogs do attract a lot of attention when on display. Pretty hard not to notice these magnificent dogs.


If you are looking for a XXL Pitbull, you are no doubt interested in how much the dog weighs. Just a quick glance around the Internet returns claims approaching 200 pounds. Of course, most of these claims are wildly exaggerated. My experience is that most people with a classic American Pitbull thinks their dog is 80 lbs, when if fact, they are usually off by 25 or 30 lbs. The average guy with an American Bully style Pit Bull, thinks his do is a 100 lbs, when in reality the dog is 65 or 70 lbs. For the XXL Pitbull, it is rare to exceed 120 lbs. I think that in most cases those who throw out large numbers for their dog's weight, are genuinely surprised at the dog's actual weight when put on a scale.