"No Brag, Just Fact"... Looking at this picture of an amazing Remy Pitbull I am reminded of the often quoted line of Walter Brennan from the western series; The Guns of Will Sonnett". Just take a look at this guy and you will know why I wear a smile on my face. This boy is just flat out awesome! In fact I believe that when he matures he will be the finest pit of any Remy Pitbull Kennels. At Mr Pitbull we have a number of dogs that represent the Remy line. If you know Pit Bulls you are no doubt familiar with Mr Pitbull's Blue Remy, one of the top direct descendant of the Famous Low jack Remy Martin. So too, you will want to take a look at Bartender's half sister Bounceher who also carries the famous Remyline blood. Of course if you would like to see pictures of BounceHer and the rest of our Ladies click here:MR PITBULL PICTURE GALLERY - "THE LADIES"!


Not many dogs can compare to Low Jack Remy Martin when it comes to fueling the Bully Movement and the upswing in Pit Bull popularity. For a generation of Pit Bull Fanciers, having Remy Martin high up in your pedigree was a source of great pride. In fact Remy Martin was and is one of the most bred dog's of all time. People waited in line to get a straw off him to inseminate one of their females, often paying $2000 for the privilege of Remy sired litter. Mr Pitbull has one of the best selection of Remy bred off springs in our Remyline Pitbull kennel. When you make your purchase from Mr Pitbull, you will want to make sure you take care or your dog's immediate health needs. Make sure you read all of our health pages. Start Here: "HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR REMYLINE PITBULL'S HEALTH"!


It would be a shame to spend a small fortune on a beautiful Remyline dog and then not feed him the absolute best food. One thing I do appreciate about those who seek out a Remyline Pitbull; they know their value and know how important a good balanced diet is. Sadly, very few dog owners today are aware of the scam that dog food manufactures perpetrate on people's beloved pets. Your dog's health takes a distant backseat to corporate profits. For this reason, dog food is loaded with fillers to add weight to the package and deceive you into thinking you are getting a good value. Don't be fooled! If you purchase a dog from us or anyone of a number of Remy Pitbull Kennels, you will want to make sure you take care of your dogs nutritional needs. Read here and learn how to feed your dog's like I do: "FEED YOUR REMYLINE PIT BULL THE RIGHT FOOD"!