This is without a doubt my favorite picture of Bandit. It just says everything about him. You can look into his eyes and see he is loyal and a Razor Edge Pitbull with few equals. Bandit is very shy and just wants to be loved. He is one of the most delightful dogs I have ever owned. Bandit just loves to be shown attention. Yet he never demands it. I hope you like him too! I very much hope you enjoy the many pictures I have included of this incredible looking Razor Edge Pitbull.

To get an idea of the quality of the Razor's Edge bloodline, I encourage you to take a look at Bandit's sister Smo'Ket. Of course if you would like to see pictures of Smo'Ket and the rest of our Ladies click here:MR PITBULL PICTURE GALLERY - "THE LADIES"!


Many people ask "what is a Razors Edge Pitbull". Well take a close look at Bandit because he is the ePITome of Razors Edge. He has all the characteristics that today's Pitbull fanciers are looking for. Many people today have been attracted to the Pitbull breed because of their unparalleled temperament and unequaled loyalty. But yet, today's Pitbull buyers are not looking for a dog that can win a fight in a Pit. They love their dog and would not dream of doing them harm. Therefore they want a dog that has had aggressive tendencies bred out. One look at Bandit and you can see that is the case. So too, people love the looks of Razor's Edge Pitbulls. The shorter compact stance, the wide body, and the bigger heads, give Razor's Edge Pitbulls a look that is unparalleled by any other breed. Of course If you want to see more of the best Razor's Edge Pitbulls you will want to check out pictures of our Studs... click here:MR PITBULL RAZOR'S EDGE PICTURE GALLERY - "THE STUDS"!


Here is some information you may not be aware of: The Razors Edge Pitbull bloodline was started in an effort to save the Pitbull breed from extinction. For a number of decades, Pitbulls were being bred to produce the ultimate fighting dog. Over time, features that made pitbulls suitable for fighting shaped the breed. Sadly some of those qualities have made the breed prone to aggression. That aggression has caused many cities, municipalities and even countries to ban the breed. Razors Edge Pitbulls were bred in an effort to take the breed back from those who would employ them in fighting and return the breed to a gentler, loving companion, that many prefer. It is the hope of many Pitbull lovers that the temperament of the new Razor Edge Pitbull will help to stem the tide of communities that would ban this loving breed.

Of course if you would like to see pictures of Bandit's sister Smo'Ket and the rest of our Ladies click here:MR PITBULL PICTURE GALLERY - "THE LADIES"!


Sadly, some have sought to criticize Razors Edge Kennels for( as they put it) "tampering with the breed". Yet the fact is; the entire history of the breed has been based on diversity. The results is; all of the different varieties seen in the breed today. Some prefer Red nose, while others like Blue. Some like them spotted, while others, speckled and hued. Some favor gameness, yet on that not all can agree. But no matter what one's individual preference may be, each has the right to his own greed. And for thousands today the choice is the Razors Edge Pitbull breed.

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If you have any questions in regards to any upcoming breedings with Bandit, don't hesitate to contact me. Remember that Bandit is the Grandson of Cai, a direct descendant of Cairo, the most famous of all Razors Edge Pitbulls. Cai along with his litter-mate brother Lil Ro, are the two most famous of Cairo's descendants. Bandit is a pure a Razor Edge as you will find.

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