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Let's address the elephant in the room. What is the proper way to spell Pit Bulls? I think that most so called "experts" would tell us that the correct way of spelling our beloved breed is "Pit Bulls". I won't dispute that. On second thought maybe I will... Just as there is "more than one way to skin a cat" there is more than way correct way to spell an item or word. Here in the "States" we spell "Color", yet in the UK it is spelled "Colour". Another one that comes to mind is "Flavour" or "Flavor. The fact is there is a long list of words that have different spellings generally related to geographic preferences. I can tell you that having analyzed (or is it analysed) it, the majority of people who search "Google" enter in "Pitbull" over "Pit Bull" by about a two to one margin. The spelling "Pittbull" or "Pitt Bull" is entered in the search box way less often, yet more than you would think. Perhaps the spelling is influenced by "Pittsburgh". I suppose if I lived in Pittsburgh I would use Pittbulls as my preferred spelling. In any event, let the debate continue. Of course If you want to see what the best Pittbulls look like you will want to check out our lovely Ladies... click here:PITTBULLS - "THE LADIES"!


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