If you are a North Carolinian there are two things that you have a passion for; Tar Heels and Pit Bulls! They say that everyone wants to be like Mike (Michael Jordan). But in North Carolina everyone just wants a Pitbull. A young boy may dream of playing basketball for the Tar Heals; for most it is simply a dream. Yet, one dream that can come true is owning a Mr Pitbull puppy. Here I am with a young Bartender. You can see the connection we have already. It is the Pit Bulls desire to connect with it's master that has helped Pitbull Kennels in North Carolina to see record growth in recent years. For this reason Pitbull Kennels have been springing up all over North Carolina.

If you take note of the picture above and you have had a chance to read through MrPitBull.com, you have noted that I try very hard to present my dogs from all angles, so you can see why it is that we have the best Razoredge Pitbull dogs anywhere.
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North Carolina is an Excellent place to start a Pitbull Kennel. For Many years Pit Bulls have been in high demand, allowing for a stable market. Too, to date North Carolina is for the most part "Pit Bull friendly". Very few municipalities have instituted breed specific bans. Additionally, the largely rural climate of North Carolina favors small scale Kennels operations. If you are considering starting your own Kennel, North Carolina is an excellent place to be.


Now if you are considering starting your own Pit Bull Kennel is North Carolina, take your time in choosing the right dog or dogs. Many who want to start a kennel, start out with just a single dog that they bought or rescued as a pet. They fall in love with the dog and believe that everyone else will want a dog just like theirs. Therefore they decide to breed their dog even though in many cases the dog is not "breed worthy" or of breeding quality. First and foremost, is the dog registered by the UKC or ABKC? If not; do the world, the breed, and yourself a favor and forget about breeding. There are already too many unregistered dogs without homes. If you have questions about registering your dog, you will want to read this article that explains how to do so: "HOW TO REGISTER YOUR DOG"!


Even if your dog is properly registered by a recognized registry, that in itself does not mean that your dog is of breeding quality. Fact is, most dogs are not of breed quality. Your dog may be a nice dog, but is he or she representative of the best that the breed has to offer. How do you know if your dogs is really worthy of basing a kennel upon? There are many things to consider that we could discuss for hours. The short answer: How often do you have people coming out of the blue asking if you would sell your dog and offering $5,000 or $10,000? If I saw someone walking a dog down the street that I thought could improve my kennel, I would be tickled pink to spend those amounts; and have. And I'm not the only one who would do so. If you really wonder if your dog is a kennel making dog, enter a few dog shows; then you will know. This article explains how to start a kennel: "HOW TO START A KENNEL"!


What if all you are wanting to do is find the right Pitbull Kennel in North Carolina to by a dog? You have to be careful of course. A lot of people are breeding dogs with no idea what it takes to breed healthy and socially minded dogs. As mentioned earlier, a good place to look would be by attending a few dog shows. The ABKC as well as other recognized organizations hold shows in North Carolina and other near by states. Go to the ABKC's website and look to see when a show will be in your driving range. Your efforts, will be worth it. You will learn a lot more about the breed and it will give you a chance to see the types of dogs you are interested in and at the same time meet and get to know the breeder. Short of that, you may just want to keep your eye open as you drive around town. If you see a dog that you like, ask the owner where you might find one like his. Most Pitbull owners are all to glad to talk about their dog.


I would be amiss if I neglected to tell you about the best Pitbull Kennel in all of North Carolina. And the good part is; it is probably close to where you live. Almost every community in North Carolina has a Pitbull shelter and or rescue. Shelters an rescues offer an excellent resource for picking up an excellent dog for cheap. If you are not going to get into starting your own kennel, then why not do a rescue? Some will say that they want to know the dog's background or simply want a registered dog. Yet the fact is; having papers on a dog speaks little to do with the quality of a dog. Do yourself a favor and visit a few Pitbull rescues. I am confident you will be happy if you do. This article explains how to pick out the right dog from your local shelter: "HOW TO RESCUE A PITBULL"!

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