Bartender is one serious looking Pitbull. Not many Razors Edge Pit Bull Kennels can boast of a specimen as nice as Bartender. Can't wait to see what he looks like when he matures. Over the last 20 years Razor's Edge has become the name that people look for in choosing a new Pitbull. Because of the high demand, everyone wants to start their own Razor's Edge Pit Bull Kennel. Starting a kennel sounds easy, I know, at least that is what I thought. Most people envision starting out with a few dogs and growing the business by producing their own puppies. For some this process has worked. Yet for the vast majority, this method really never takes off like one would have anticipated. If you want to see what is in our Pit Bull Kennel in the way of females, check out our Ladies click here:MR PITBULL PICTURE GALLERY - "THE LADIES"!


One reason that folks have a difficult time starting out small with a dog or two and expanding is because of the massive amount of competition. There are literally a million people out there trying to do the same thing. Almost everyone who has a Pit Bull believes he or she can start their own Kennel. They purchase a male and a female, breed them and have a litter of puppies if all goes well (and believe me, often it does not go well). Puppies get to be about 8 weeks old and all the folks who said they wanted one, suddenly has an excuse on why "now is not a good time". Before long the puppies are growing and they can't give them away for free. Forget about trying to get $3000 a piece for them, as they had originally planned. And now it is not long before they are growing and the expense of feeding 10 dogs starts to become a factor. And that is not to mention the space requirements and the shots and vet care that always seem to come unexpectedly.


Let's now look at the other way to approach starting a Pit Bull Kennel; going all in. First you are going to need the right piece of property, either commercial or agricultural. Some parts of the country you may get away in a rural area if you have enough acreage. In any event, before starting, you better check with the local zoning board first, because it will be an issue, soon or later. Better now, than latter. So you have the perfect spot with lots of room and your closest neighbor is a mile away. Great! Let's not talk about how much you have invested in this.


The best way to go about acquiring your breeding stock would be to go to dog shows looking for dogs that are winners and then offering money they can't refuse to give up their prize possession. Additionally, you could begin by contacting select kennels to see if anyone is wanting to get out of the business. Before you dismiss this, many have had enough and are just waiting for an opportunity to quit or downsize. Of course, you will need a well defined plan as to exactly what type and quality of dog that you will bring into your Pit Bull Kennel. It is a common practice to lower one's standards when trying to come out of the gates like gangbusters. Don't fall into this trap. Set your standards high and stick to them. Of course you will want to make sure that there is a lot of variety in your dog's pedigrees. If you want healthy dogs and healthy puppies, you want to make sure the genetic make up in your kennel is diverse.


Now you have the right piece of property and you have carefully chosen the right dogs to start your Pit Bull Kennel, now it's time to get down to business of breeding. So you set around twiddling your thumbs waiting for a female to go into heat; finally! You bring your carefully selected stud to her and he is all in! Wahoo! Wait a minute you spoke to soon. He can't get hooked up! What in the world! One thing you didn't know is that many bully breeds are not able to consummate the marriage. Now What?! Bring in stud number 2! After a few days of trying and you've worked your way through all your studs you begin to wonder how you will ever refer to them as "studs" again. At least not with a straight face! By this time she is out of heat and you start twiddling your thumbs again.


Finally, another dog is in heat and this time you are ready. You take her to the vet to get artificially inseminated. Of course as you gain in experience you will become an expert at doing them yourself (that however is another subject; wink wink). Finally, she is in labor and so you throw a pot of water on the stove to boil (wait, that is just what they do in the movies). You however, are carrying her out to the car because she is having trouble delivering and is going to have to have a C-section. Of course it is Friday night 1AM, so you take her to an emergency clinic, 4 towns over. Not going to mention how much this is costing you. But you are happy the pups get delivered safely; all two of them. I bet you thought she was going to have 10! You didn't know that these "tightly" bred (inbred) dogs have small liter sizes and weak puppies. This of course means that for the next four weeks you are up 24/7 doing everything you can to keep them alive. You need a vacation. But wait you have 20 Pit Bulls in your Kennel that expect to get fed and cleaned up after everyday. No vacation for you!