A lot of peeps call me wanting a Pitbull with Muscles. If you want your Pitbull to bulge with muscles like this one, you have to start with the right dog. Take this girl for instance, she has never had a workout, but yet looks like she is on steroids. If you want a girl like this, here is a tip: "you won't find a pit like this from the guy down the street, breeding his dog to the stray that passed through the yard. I have searched the country over, bringing in the finest Pits in order to create dogs that ripple with muscle. Give me a holler, if you want a dog like this one. Learn the secret of Pitbull Muscle building read this page: PITBULL MUSCLE BUILDING CLICK HERE! Of course If you want to see Big Pitbulls you will want to check out our Studs... click here:MR PITBULL PICTURE GALLERY - "THE STUDS"!


It's no secret that there is a lot of interest nowadays in Pitbull Muscle Building. I get a number of emails each day asking me what to do to build muscle on one's Pitbull. After looking at the pictures sent of one's dog, I note two things most often. Number 1: The dog simply does not have the genetics. There is no way you are going to feed and exercise a skinny game bred pit and have it look like this girl. Just not going to happen. Number 2: Don't even think about working out a dog to build muscle until the dog is at least 18 months old. Doing so before that, can and does cause serious problems to develop.

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Muscle is to a large degree a product of good genetics. Take this girl for instance. She get a little exercise each day but is not involved in any strenuous efforts to increase Pitbull Muscle size. Reasonable workouts, good nutrition, and a little love is all that is needed. If you want a Pitbull with Muscle, start with the right dog. Can you picture yourself going for a walk around the block with Gypsy at your side! Imagine the attention the two of you would get. Of course If you want to see what the best Pitbulls look like you will want to check out pictures of our Studs... click here:MR PITBULL PICTURE GALLERY - "THE STUDS"!


A lot of young guns today want Muscular Pitbulls. They buy a Pitbull on the street for cheap, hang a weight around it's neck, strap a weight on a chain for it to drag, and then wonder what they are doing wrong when their dog doesn't look so good or worst yet, dies. Let me say, I would never put a weight around her neck or make her drag a heavy chain, that is foolish. If you want a Muscular Pitbull like Gypsy, see me. And be ready to fork over some money. Dogs like this don't come cheap. So if you are in the market for a Pitbull of champion quality like Gypsy, from one of the Top Pitbull Kennels in the world; call Mr Pitbull now! SEE WHAT PUPPIES ARE AVAILABLE NOW!