Hi, my name is Brock and I am Mister Pitbull. Let me introduce you to two of my dogs. The one with his back to ya is Blue Remy. The other is his daughter Arcadia. Arcadia is a Blue Remy daughter. Both are amazing Pits.


I would like to thank you for visiting Mr Pitbull.com. I would like to introduce to you my son; Mr Pitbull (I still call him Brock). From the time he was 8 or 10 years old, he wanted a dog. Of course, not wanting a dog myself I explained that owning a dog was a big responsibility. As the next few years went by, Brock's desire to own a dog grew. At about 14 years of age Brock started doing odd jobs around the neighborhood and in no time had saved a handsome amount. After a little persuasion, he convinced his mom to take him to the pet store. Upon returning home with an $800 dollar dog, I was stunned; not that he had bought a dog, for he had made it clear all along as to why he had worked so diligently. I was stunned because the dog he had purchased was a Great Dane! Now mind you at 8 weeks of age they don’t look quite so intimating or ravenous.


A few years latter a friend of Brock's phoned to say his Pit Bull had had a litter of pups and he wondered how he might sell them. Brock said; “drop them off at my house I’ll sell them for you”. A few hours later after driving around the neighborhood all the dogs were sold, well except one… you guessed it; Brock's pick. Well that was the start of the love affair between Brock and breed that we both (yeah, I’ll admit it) have grown to love. I invite you to check out our Female page. BLUE FEMALE PITBULLS


Speaking of love, a few years latter Brock met an attractive looking girl (Taylor) and they started dating. Just so happened that she had a dog too; yeah you guessed it, a beautiful female Pit Bull named Shelby. Well that pretty much sealed the deal and the two were soon married. And Before long the house was filled with happy puppies! Of course If you want to see more Pitbulls you will want to check out our Studs... click here:MR PITBULL PICTURE GALLERY - "THE STUDS"!