Gives you an idea of what to look for when looking for GATOR PITBULLS. You won’t find a more impressive Gator Pit Bull anywhere. When I think of what Gator Pitbulls should look like, this picture of Bra'tac is the epitome, the quintessential of the ultimate Gator Pitbull. If you came to Mr Pitbull looking for Gator Pitbulls, I have news for you! Yet I am not sure that it is news you want to hear.

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The southern USA is where you are most likely to find Gator Pitbulls for sale. Gator Mouth Pits are very popular in Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, North and South Carolina and parts of Texas. Many come to Mr Pitbull to find out information on Gator Pit Bulls as they have recently come across some Gator Pitbull puppies for sale and they want to learn more about the bloodline. There is often uncertainty as to exactly what is a Gator Mouth Pittbull, as there really is NO SUCH BLOODLINE BEING BRED TODAY. Now I know you swear that Gator Pitbulls do exist, in fact you have a friend who owns one. If I had a nickel for all the times that someone has told me that they have a Gator Pitbull, I may not be rich, but I'd have a good start at it. In any event, in every case where someone has told me that have a Gator Pitbull, never have they been able to show me legitimate registration papers to prove it. And that is a fact. GATOR PITBULL PUPPIES


The term Gator Pitbulls originated from either one of two popular fighting dogs named or nicknamed Gator. Both dogs were heavily bred in the hopes of producing champion fighters. Because in part, due to the underground nature of dog fighting, neither dog's bloodline was properly documented. Therefore over the course of many years and many generations, no one can be certain if their dog is a legitimate ancestor to one of the original Gator Pitbulls. In reality the majority of people today that claim to have a Gator Mouth Pitbull have no idea as to the true ancestry of their dog. The term Gator Pitbuls is used by most people without any evidence that Gator is found in the blood at all. And in fact, those dogs that may have actually descended from one of the original Gator Pitbulls carry so little of that blood that very few could truly be worthy of the Gator name. GATOR PITBULL ATTACKS!


And so you see someone advertising Gator Pitbulls for sale, and you want to know how to be sure you are getting what you are paying for. Ask them to show you the registry papers. Now let me tell you what is going to happen. They are either going to say they don't have them or they will tell you they are waiting for them to come in the mail. If the latter is true, they should at least be able to show you the registry papers for the Stud and the Dam. If they can't, then what does that tell you? I can't begin to tell you how many people have told me how they have waited for the promised papers, never to see them. Don't be fooled. Read my article on dog registries to make sure you do not fall victim to false claims. Read more here... LEARN HOW TO GET PAPERS FOR YOUR DOG HERE


If I were located in the South in one of the areas where Gator Mouth Pitbulls are being prominently advertised, I would name one of my studs Gator and start a new Kennel called "Gator-line" or Gator Mouth Pitbulls, or something similar. That is a no-brainier, and I am surprised no one has done that yet. Of course to take full advantage of it, a lot more is required than simply naming your kennel Gator Mouth Pitbulls. So if you are inclined to start your own kennel, you would be wise to read my article on how to start a Gator Pitbull Kennel. READ HERE: ... HOW TO START A GATOR PITBULL KENNEL!


Of course anyone starting a Gator mouth Pitbull Kennel would be wise to start with the right dogs. Looking at the picture of Bra'tac at the top of the page gives you an idea of the type of dog that you would need to base your own line upon. If you had a dog like Bra'tac you would be off to a real good start. I know, I sell everything he can produce. Of course I am going to recommend that you take a look at our Puppies pages to see what is available. Sadly however, I do a limited number of breedings and so therefore I would also suggest going to a number of dog shows before purchasing any dog to start a Pit Bull kennel with. There you will be able to compare a lot of dogs against one another. Remember, starting out with the right dogs is crucial to the success of any Pitbull Kennel. So make sure you take your time and do your homework. READ HERE: ... LEARN HOW TO PICK THE BEST DOGS!


For the majority of people looking for Gator Mouth Pitbulls for sale, and don't have the money to invest in a dozen dogs that are going to cost upwards to five or ten thousand dollars a piece... read on. If that is you, and you are simply wanting a nice dog for yourself, then you will want to follow the advice I share on how to get a real nice dog for a bargain basement price. Having owned multiple breed and bloodlines of dogs, I can assure you that a quality dog doesn't have to have papers. In fact if I were to deliver two dogs to you, one with papers and one without, you would never know the difference. As you read the many pages on my site you will note that on every page, I promote Pitbull rescue and adoption. Click the link below to learn how to pick the right dog. READ HERE: ... BE A HERO - RESCUE A GATOR PITBULL!