Can you say Game Dog! You would be hard pressed to find a Dog as Game as this guy. Tell me that his face doesn't have Game written all over it! I can't tell if the pavement is too hot or is he just making faces for the camera! lol Bra'tac may look ready for anything you could throw at him, but still, a simple command is all that is needed, to see him respond in earnest. If you are looking for Game Pitbull Kennels, we don't sell game dogs. Yet, I defy anyone to say that Bra'tac is not Game! In any event, we hope you will enjoy looking at our dogs, game or not. If you want to see more dogs that have game, take a gander at Bra'tac's daughters Lucia, Pearl and Spice and the rest of our Ladies click here:MR PITBULL PICTURE GALLERY - "THE LADIES"!


There are many people today who look at today's American Bully Pitbull and say that they are not a "Game Dog". To the lover of the Traditional Style Pitbull, with it's slender muscular physique, the only dog that qualifies to be called "Game" is the original pitbull. The term "Game Dog" implies that a dog is ready for competition, just as when we say that "someone" is "Game", we are saying they are ready and up to a challenge. To imply that only Traditional style Pitbulls are up to a challenge is an insult, as Bra'tac would protest to. AMERICAN PITBULL GAME DOG PUPPIES


There are those who believe that only their definition of "Game" counts. They believe that only a dog that has been bred to compete in a contest of extreme endurance is a Game Dog. Really? Is endurance the only defining measurement of an athlete? If that is the case, the only athletes at the Olympics would be those who compete in a Marathon or other contest of endurance. You mean to tell me that Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps are not athletes, that they lack game? So what then defines game? Clearly it is not a specific event, but instead it is a will to succeed when met with a challenge. GAME DOG ATTACKS!


Just as I don't believe that anyone would mistake Arnold Schwarzenegger as being an endurance athlete, not much chance of confusing Bra'tac with being a traditional style Game Dog. Yet that certainly doesn't mean that Bra'tac lacks game. Look at the picture above and you can see that he is a dog that is determined to compete. Now granted, I don't believe that I would expect Bra'tac to win a Game Dog agility competition (it wouldn't be from a lack of trying, that I can tell you)... yet judging from the picture above, maybe an ugly face competition or a scariest dog contest! LOL. Never the less, look at Bra'tac in action here: Read more here... FLIRT POLE EXERCISE


Any discussion of Game Dogs would be amiss without giving Kudos to the traditional style Pitbulls and like dogs that compete in agility competitions. What these game dogs can do is simply amazing. Attend one of these shows and it is easy to see why people love the breed with a passion. Speaking of loving game dogs with a passion, here is where you can find a game dog and be a hero at the same time: RESCUE A GAME DOG TODAY!