What can I say about Bra'tac that has not already been said! He is of course one of the finest Bully Blue Pitbul in the world. Notice the beautiful correct top-line that is absent on so many of today's Blue Pitbuls. A lot of people breeding Blue Pitbuls today have no idea what a "correct" Blue Pitbul or any dog for that matter should look like. Follow along and I will, with the help of the picture above tell you what to look for in picking out your very own Pitbul. Go to our puppies page if you would like to see BLUE PITBUL PUPPY PICTURES


How do you spell Pitbul? I spell Pitbul: "BRA'TAC"! In a moment I will explain why. First If you have noted that thus far in this article I have spelled Pitbul with only one "L", give yourself a gold star! If you did a "Google" search and ended up on this page, it is likely you entered "Pitbul" in the search box, minus of course the "LL" that is normally found at the end of the word "Pitbull" or for that matter the correct spelling "Pit Bull". It is surprising how many people spell Pitbull with only one "L". For the sake of those who spell "Pitbul", and for "search engine optimization, I have done so here. Now if you are simply looking for Blue Pitbul Puppies for sale, then without further ado; CLICK HERE: BLUE PITBUL PUPPIES FOR SALE


Now back to Bra'tac and the Picture above. At a dog show, judges look very carefully at the dog before them to see if they conform to a breed standard. In any breed of dog, correct conformation is not simply a point of judgment for the sake of declaring a winner. Good conformation equals; good health. If a person goes to a physician for a physical and the physician notes that their back is hunched over, their legs are bowed and their feet point sideways at a 45 degree angle, the physician knows that in time, the person is going to experience a wide range of health problems because of physical deformities. Certainly a person with those deformities is not going to be athletic. Of course, the same is true with dogs. Of course in choosing a Blue Pitbul you want your dog to be healthy and for that reason Good conformation is important. BLUE PITBUL ATTACKS!


Sadly, too many pitbuls are being bred by people who don't know the importance of good physical qualities. Let me explain, just a few. Looking back at the picture of the Pitbul above, you not that his back slopes slightly from front to back. This is what you want in a healthy, athletic dog. If the hind quarters are even in height to the front quarters, this is expectable too. You don't however want to see a Pitbul with the hind quarters taller than the front quarters. This causes to much weight to be put on the front legs which, as anyone can plainly see are not as strong as the back legs. GO TO MY HEALTH PAGES TO LEARN MORE ABOUT PITBUL HEALTH... IMPORTANT PITBUL HEALTH ISSUES


Now take a look at the front legs in the picture above. Note that the legs are straight and that the feet point forward. This is very important for a healthy dog. Sadly, in an effort to create a thicker, wider Pitbul, some have used non-pitbul breeds such as bulldogs to create a more massive Pitbul. Many of these other breeds are known to have a wide range of health problems. A look at the pictures of Bulldogs and it is very apparent why they are not athletic dogs and have all kinds of issues. For the aforementioned reasons, take the time to study conformation and learn what to look for, before purchasing your Pitbul. If you are thinking of starting your own kennel you will want to read this article: ... HOW TO START A PITBUL KENNEL!