That is easy; Mr Pitbull has the biggest and the baddest Pitbull in the world: Bra'tac! See what everyone is talking about. Take a look at the pictures of Bra'tac and tell me if you have seen another Pitbull like him. Land-shark! Reminds me of a shark coming up after some easy prey. Folks looking for the Biggest Pitbull In The World will want to checkout the many pictures of Bra'tac. No one else like him. Simply click "NEXT PICTURE" or continue reading more about the biggest pitbull in the world.


Who has the world's biggest Pitbull? That is a debated subject. One look around the INTERNET and you will find many making the claim to own the biggest Pitbull. I've seen some pretty astounding pictures that would seem to support some claims. One thing I have noted on a number of occasions; often times a given subject doesn't measure up to the pictures when seen in real life. Perhaps you too have noted the same on occasion. In any event, Bra'tac has been to a number of dog shows and always draws a crowd. He is an amazing specimen. Take a look at Bra'tac's daughter Spice AMAZING FEMALE PITBULL


As you glance at this picture of Bra'tac, there is no doubt that he is one serious big pitbull. Look at the width of his head and the depth of his chest. So too note how thick his legs are. If you are looking for a Pitbull that will turn heads, you no doubt want to check out and see what is available in are puppy section. If you are looking for the biggest pitbull, you can't go wrong with a puppy off of Bra'tac. BIG PITBULL PUPPIES


Bra'tac loves to get sprayed with the high pressure hose. He is the only dog I have that runs to what I can only surmise he views as "action". He can't wait to attack the spray. Of course, not every dog is going to enjoy it, so if you are thinking about trying the same, be forewarned, you may not have the same results. Too, I am using an electric pressure wash, it does not have the power of some, which could be harmful. Read more here... AMERICAN PITBULL ATTACKS!

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