You say you want big, I mean really Big Pitbulls! Bra'tac is without equal. He has the head the size of a garbage truck and a chest that would make Arnold Jealous. And he just loves a challenge, any challenge. Tell me, have you ever seen any Big Pitbulls as impressive as this one? They say that the proof is in the pudding, in breeding the proof is in one's offspring. Take a look at a few of Bra'tac's daughters to see what big Pitbulls should look like. You will want to take note of Bra'tac's daughters Lucia, Pearl and Spice and the rest of our Ladies click here:BIG PITUBLLS - "THE LADIES"!


I dare you to compare big Pitbulls. Looking at the Picture above, have you ever see any big Pitbulls like Bra'tac? I didn't think so! Bra'tac has that look about him that says; "move over boys I'm coming through"! Line up all the big Pitbulls you have ever seen and tell me if you have ever seen a Pitbull this powerful? Anyone and everyone who is looking for big Pitbulls would certainly want to call me and find out when the next breeding is. In the meanwhile you can check our puppies pages here: BIG PITBULL PUPPIES


When it comes to big Pitbulls there are many contenders and even more pretenders. If you are searching the INTERNET for big Pitbulls you will be met with many exaggerated claims. You will see some Pitbulls that look like a cross between a Grey Hound and a Great Dane. Of course they will be big. Yet ask yourself, why are you wanting a big Pitbull? If you are simply wanting a big dog, then get a Great Dane. Chances are it isn't a big Pitbull that you are wanting, instead, it is the baddest, toughest looking, take on all challengers, "my dog can whip your dog", type of dog. Truth be told that is what a lot of young folks want. Again, looking at the above picture, you have to admit Bra'tac is your man. I must admit when I walk him down the street, I feel about a foot taller myself. And so will you! AMERICAN PITBULL ATTACKS!