Did I here someone say; American PitBull! Without a doubt Bra'tac represents the pinnacle, the very height, the very summit of perfection. This boy is without equal. I have included a lot of pictures of this boy on the site to demonstrate without any shadow of a doubt that he is an incredible specimen, and one of the very best American Pitbull thus produced. To get an idea of the quality that Bra'tac produces, I encourage you to take a look at Bra'tac's daughters Lucia, Pearl and Spice. Of course if you would like to see pictures of Lucia, Pearl, Spice and the rest of our Ladies click here:AMERICAN PITBULL PICTURE GALLERY - "THE LADIES"!


The question of what qualifies today as an American Pitbull is a hotly debated subject. There are those who say there is only one definition for an American Pitbull; their definition! They believe that the American Pitbull should continue to be bred with the same goals in mind that the breed was founded upon. The goal then was to produce a dog that could kill any other dog in a fight to the death. That was the goal in breeding the American Pitbull. While other people today believe that it is time to breed the dog with a different set of goals. They believe that it is time to breed the American Pitbull in a way that retains it's best qualities, yet removes the genetic makeup that compels the dog to want to fight any and all dogs to the death. AMERICAN PITBULL PUPPIES


We live in a world that is ever changing and evolving with the time. We have to choose if we are going to progress with the changing world or be left behind. The same thing holds true with dog breeding today. A hundred years ago the American Pitbull was bred to compete in the pit in a duel of life and death. Is that really the way the dog should continue to be bred? Those who want the dog to be bred along the same lines, would like to suggest that the dog's aggression, the desire to compete and win, can be "channeled" into other endeavors. Instead of using the dog to compete in pit fighting, the drive and athleticism could be used in other competitions, such as weight pulls and running obstacle courses. AMERICAN PITBULL ATTACKS!


Others however believe that the days of dogs fighting are over and it is time to take the American Pitbull into another direction. While acknowledging the American Pitbull's roots and qualities, many of today's responsible Pitbull Kennels are redefining the breed. Their goals is to create a version of the dog that honors the dog's best attributes, yet at the same time breed out characteristic that no longer have a place in a modern society. Today's American Bully Pitbull is evidence of the success of this endeavor. The American Bully Pitbull is becoming one of the most popular dog breed in the history of breeding. Read more here... AMERICAN PITBULL HISTORY


Who is it among us who has the right to define the breed? Traditionalist would say that only they can do that. I wish that were true; I really do. But the fact is, the breed is defined not by those who produce them or own them, instead the breed is defined by those who legislate them. And so whether you own a Traditional style American Pitbull or an American Bully style, when laws are enacted to ban Pitbulls, both groups are "one and the same". For this reason, lovers of the breed both old and new, do well to unite to protect the breed from those who truly desire to do away with our right to own one. ... AMERICAN BULLY PITBULLS!