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If you are here because your dog has been diagnosed with colitis, you will want to try my solution. This article is not going to address all the causes or all the diets that simply don't work. This article is going to focus on a cure.

If your dog has been diagnosed with colitis and suffers from diarrhea and loose stools and you've sought medical help all to no avail, you will want to give attention to the cure I outline.


First, it is important to understand that colitis is not the cause of your dogs troubles. Colitis, is a symptom of some other health problem that has caused the large intestine to become inflamed. There are a number of things that can cause inflammation. It is helpful in developing a cure to know what brought colitis on initially.

This article is going to assume you have had your dog professionally diagnosed. Additionally, you have already switched up his food source and have went to GRAIN-FREE DOG FOOD and have tried all the worthless and pointless bland diets.


Sadly, many foods recommended by vets for relief of colitis, are simply terrible quality dog food. There are certain companies (like Hill) that target vets and have misled many into thinking their products will work well in treating a dog with colitis.

Sadly, most vets have never really studied the dog food industry and take the company's word that their food is beneficial for dogs with colitis.
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I'll make some recommendation (click link) on some quality GRAIN-FREE DOG FOOD to use. Yet, more importantly, I will provide you with what you need to know to quickly bring your dogs colitis under control!


Even though the initial cause of a dog's colitis may vary and be many, the reason the diarrhea and loose stools lingers is often the same; and we can fix that! Below I outline two simple steps that will cure many dogs colitis, diarrhea and loose stools.

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Knowing what has caused your dogs stomach problems is helpful in treating it. For example: Some years ago, I had an outbreak of Giardia. GIARDIA is a protozoan parasite and is one of the most damaging parasitic problem in the world, and is one of the leading causes of colitis.

Giardia is in most lakes, rivers, and streams, and is what you want to avoid when in the outdoors. For many, the body's immune system overcomes it. Yet some, will suffer with reoccurring bouts of diarrhea and loose stools for life.


Dogs drink out of every lake, pond, and other contaminated sources and therefore, are very susceptible to host of harmful bacteria, protozoa, viruses and the like. Some of these, such as Giardia is very hard to cure. Dogs almost certainly need treatment to eradicate it. What is left in the aftermath of the infestation is the same condition that many other stomach parasites cause and that is; an inflamed colon, and a stomach where much of the beneficial bacteria has been wiped out. With the good bacteria damaged, bad bacteria multiplies, causing a dog to have diarrhea, and loose stools on a re-occurring basis. In many cases the key to curing colitis, is eliminating the unwanted bacteria, replacing it with beneficial bacteria.


A dog with colitis is never going to be a healthy dog unless you can eliminate the underlying cause of your dogs colitis. Invariably, a dog with colitis will have less energy and be prone to illness. Almost always they will have a dull coat; a sign of poor health. I explain in this article how to restore the colon and thus their good health.

Healthy Pitbull Puppies with no Anxiety


To relieve your dogs colitis, the first thing you have to do is eliminate the bad bacteria that multiplies in the digestive tract. Up until recently we did this with a good antibiotic: Tylan Powder.

Tylan powder was easily available and widely used (over used) in the agricultural industry. Tylan is a powerful antibiotic that targets the bad bacteria while allowing good bacteria to grow. Once that happens, the colon will find relief and return to normal function.

Tylan Powder is a very powerful antibiotic, and as such has recently come under new FDA rules that prohibits most home and agricultural uses. Now you will have to go to your vet to attain it. When the agent causing colitis in not determined some dogs with colitis, will be on Tylan for life. Yet, much of the time if you follow my advice you should see the symptoms disappear and a six week regiment of Tylan is all that is needed to say good-bye to your dog's colitis.

Pitbull man's best friend


All Vets are going to be familiar with Tylan. But to cure your dog, he will have to understand exactly how Tylan works effectively.

Tylan is a class of antibiotics that targets gram positive bacteria with very limited effect on gram negative bacteria.

Tylan is particularly good at fighting the type of bacteria that causes a dog to have digestion issues. It is very good at killing bacteria that does not have a cell wall (unlike penicillin class drugs that are completely ineffective). This makes Tylan perfect for killing off this type bacteria while it does little to harm good bacteria. I recommend you research Tylan yourself so that you can evaluate your Vet's competence in overseeing treatment with Tylan. If in fact this is the treatment you decide on. Below I outline an alternative that may in fact be better.


Tylan is generally dosed at 5 to 10 milligrams per pound twice a day. You should note your dogs diarrhea and loose stools improving within a week. But you will need to keep your dog on Tylan for the prescribed duration. Again consult with your vet.

When Tylan powder was available from Amazon there were several hundred reviews, with nearly a 5 star rating. Review after review of dogs that suffered with colitis for years, were cured with Tylan. Sadly it is hard to get now, and many people are searching for alternative treatments.

The fact that it worked so well in many cases, help us to understand that whatever the initial problem was, it caused the good digestive bacteria to be overwhelmed by bad bacteria. I believe we will have to wait a few years before vets and pharmaceutical companies develop effective alternative treatments. Yet, just below is what I believe to be a superior treatment.


Since the regulations placed on Tylan have went into effect, many have been searching for an alternative treatment. An old remedy is again proving it's worth.

DIATOMACEOUS EARTH is a natural substance that pharmaceutical don't want you to know about. It is about as cheap as dirt, and will in most cases bring an end to most stomach issues your dog may be having.
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DIATOMACEOUS EARTH is a Silica rock that is ground into a very fine powder. Under a microscope the particles resemble sharp shards of glass. What is amazing, is the fact that it is totally safe for humans and pets to eat. Many people, including myself, eat it in order to kill almost any internal parasite. Bad bacteria, viruses, molds, protozoans, Endotoxins, E-coil, and most worms, are no match for it and are killed off.

Small parasites including, but not limited to Giardia, that come in contact with it are killed by having all of their waxy outer-coating cut off. They then dehydrate and die.

Another amazing benefit of Diatomaceous Earth; when the intestines are not working properly, they become coated with mucus and even molds, which if not corrected, will result in poor health. Diatomaceous Earth when eaten for a few months, will scrub the intestines clean.



DIATOMACEOUS EARTH should be fed to your dog every day, for at least one month. If I thought that my dog had been infected with the protozoan Giardia, I would continue treatment for a number of months. In any event, for an average size dog, add ABOUT ONE TABLESPOON to their food, once a day. Because I feed a raw diet, I mix it into their dish with a number of ingredients, depending on the need of the dog. So, it is easy for me to stir it into the food. I would if feeding kibble, add a little yogurt or some Salmon oil or even some Green Tripe, and stir the DIATOMACEOUS EARTH into it.


Before reading step two, I want to emphasize that curing your dog is dependent on your discernment. Sadly some vets don't have a clue. If you have spent thousands on trying to solve your dogs colitis, you understand. Just like every other profession; some are experts and some are not. Sadly many have little experience curing dogs with colitis, while other have achieved success. The Vet that first wants to run a bunch of costly tests where there is no basis other then your dogs diarrhea, is a vet I would avoid.


For those using the antibiotic Tylan, as soon as some stop using it, their dogs colitis flares up again. This is because the digestive system is absent of the bacteria needed for proper digestion. Ridding your dog of bad bacteria is only the first step. Now you need to re-populate your dog's intestinal track with beneficial bacteria. Once the beneficial bacteria is absent from a dog system, the dog is going to going to suffer with poor digestion. You have to re-establish the good bacteria. FortiFlora CANINE Nutritional Supplement by Purina FortiFlora is formulated to restore the natural bacteria needed for digestion. In many cases you will see it working in about a week. A lot of vets sell and promote FortiFlora. You will save a pretty penny getting it from Amazon! Each dose is individually packaged. Just sprinkle it on your dog's food and your dog's digestive problems will be history.


I am certain that in many cases the advice I provided above using DIATOMACEOUS EARTH and FortiFlora will cure many dogs with colitis. I believe I would try those two things before trying Tylan as prescribed by a Vet. If Tylan isn't available as I have mentioned, then you may ask your Vet about Metronidazole (Flagyl). It is affective against certain types of overgrowth bacteria responsible for causing colitis. It also is effective against some protozoa.

However, if it is determined that your dog has Giardia, you will want to use Fenbendazole (READ MY PAGE ON GIARDIA). I have seen on a number of occasions Giardia go undiagnosed. I've had people tell me their dog didn't have Giardia because the stool sample was negative. I could tell the dog had Giardia as the stool is unmistakable. Giardia is hard to diagnose even when stool samples have been checked, because Giardia is not always shed in the stool.

Best Wishes...