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Your questions answered by Mr Pitbull

I get more emails from people seeking advice and Pit Bull Information than you could even imagine. I have taken the best and most shocking questions and answered them here. Originally, I had all the information on this one page, but now have split the information into a number of sub-pages to make it easier to browse the questions so you can find information on almost every aspect of Pit Bull ownership. If you are looking for information on Pit Bull Muscle Building you will want to read this: PITBULL MUSCLE BUILDING SECRETS

Thank you Mr Pitbull for taking the time to answer my questions. Your information has been very helpful, as I care for my Pit Bull. It is obvious you care about your dogs.
Owning a Pit Bull can be a very rewarding experience as hundreds of thousands of Pit Bull owners will attest to. But where can you turn to for reliable information and facts that will keep your Dog happy, healthy and in championship form? Tens of thousands of Dog owners turn to Mr PitBull for trustworthy facts and information that helps keep their beloved Pit Bull friend in tip top shape. In fact, you cannot not believe the amount of mail I get each week seeking dependable advice. I do my best to answer every question as time permits. Many of the requests for facts and information I receive about Pit Bulls involve issues that if not corrected promptly could have damaging effects. For this reason, I first and foremost recommend initially seeking professional veterinary care; as there is no substitute for their hands-on experience.

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Questions About Pitbulls

The advice and information I supply below is based on years of my personal experience of owning, training, breeding, whelping and loving dozen of my Pit Bull friends. The many tips and information I provide, involve my experience with Pit Bulls, although the information should translate over to many other dog breeds as well. The questions below are real emails that I have received and represent the most commonly asked and requested facts and information.

Vanessa from Odessa Texas asks Mr PitBull:

Dear Mr PitBull,I have been looking at your dogs for some time and love them and have decided to purchase one from you. I live in an area which is not very good. I have been considering getting a Pit Bull because they might scare the criminals away. So, are Pit Bulls good bodyguards? What is the best food to feed them? What information on Pit Bulls can you share?


Vanessa, Many are shocked to learn that a Pit Bull is not very well suited for guard work or as bodyguards. Pit Bulls are too friendly toward people. Now I know that some professional trainers have had good success training Pit Bulls for this kind of work, but that is an exception to the norm. Think about it; what do police departments use? If you want a good guard dog, pick up a German Shepherd. And when I say German I mean German. Do not get an American bred GSD. You want a real German bred GSD as they are much better suited. Additionally, with all the negative information surrounding Pit Bull attacks, it just is not a wise thing for anyone outside of the highly trained and licensed professional to attempt to train a Pit Bull for this work. So as much as I would enjoy selling you a Pit Bull, I really must insist that you look at a different breed of dog.

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Randall From Kansas City asks Mr PitBull:

Dear Mr PitBull, I have a 7month old puppy I'm 99 percent sure he is a blue nose, how do i know, is there a way to check and possibly acquire papers for him?


Randall, Sounds like you have a nice dog. Without knowing his linage there is no way to say for sure what kind of Pit Bull he is. I can look at pictures and make a guess; more information is needed. So too, the only (legitimate) way to get papers is through the breeder. Both parents would have to have been registered with the registry either UKC, ABKC or ADBA. If one of the parents is not registered, you can not register your dog. Even if both are registered, without signed documentation from the breeder testifying to your puppy or dog being of descendant from a breeding he himself did, the dog cannot be registered. Not having papers for the dog does nothing to devalue your dog; he is still the same dog with or without papers. The only time the papers mean anything is if the dog was of breeding quality. In any event, without papers, a dog would not qualify to be bred. Click Here to Learn How to Register a Dog or a Pitbull

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Jack from Scottsdale Arizona asks Mr Pitbull:

Dear Mr PitBull, I found your web site and thought you would know more about Pit Bulls than me. Have you ever heard of a razor edge gaff and boogey man mix, because I just got one. Is that a good Pit Bull bloodline to mix together? And is it worth getting papers on? I don't know much about Pit Bull bloodlines can you please fill me in on some information about that breed?


Jack, Congratulations on your new Dog! Not familiar at all with boogey man Pit Bull bloodline. I am familiar with Razor Edge and Gaff, and they are two different styles of Pit Bulls. I would have to have information on the Pit Bull breeder and his reason for selecting such a pairing before a conclusion could be drawn as to the value of the dog. You need to talk to the breeder and find out information on what he was trying to do with the breeding. Then you will have to note as your Dog matures to see if the goal was accomplished. If this was a breeding done by your typical backyard breeder, there more than likely was no goal or much thought put into the breeding and the Dog breeding was done based more on the matter of convenience (hey you have a Dog and so do I... lets breed them). As far as getting papers and the value: frankly, the papers are only of value if the Dog is of breeding quality and you plan on breeding. Because of the current overpopulation of Pit Bulls, most Dogs are not of breeding quality and therefore responsible Dog lovers are choosing to spay and neuter their Pit Bulls.

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Billie from Auburn Alabama asks Mr Pitbull:

Mr Pitbull, I just love dogs and would like to start a dog kennel business, and was wondering what advice you have to help me start a dog kennel business? I have looked at a lot of websites and you have by far the best pitbulls I have seen and the most information on running a dog kennel business. What tips can you share with me?


Hey Billie, I can't blame you for wanting to make a career with these beautiful animals by starting a dog kennel business. I will start by saying starting a dog kennel business for breeding dogs is not an easy business, and very few who start a dog kennel business will ever make any money breeding dogs. I would suggest that you do a lot of homework. I have lots of information on dog breeding in this article DOG BREEDING. In that article I have all kinds of useful tips on how to start a dog kennel business. After years of owning a dog kennel business I can tell you that the single most challenging aspect of running a dog kennel business is keep the dogs healthy.



I cannot understate just how difficult it is to keep a kennel full of dogs healthy. You will want to know the do's and the don'ts to keeping your dogs healthy go to my website and read the information on pitbull health here: PITBULL HEATH and then apply what is there to start you dog kennel business on the right track.


Additionally, I can't tell you how many times I have seen people start a dog kennel business with the wrong dogs. To quote Kenny Rodgers: You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, know when to run... Starting a dog kennel business and Breeding dogs is like gambling, very few are able to make a success of it. Too, many don't know enough to recognize when they are playing with a bad hand. You certainly don't want to start a dog kennel business with the wrong cards.


Before starting your dog kennel business, meditate on these lyrics and then look at the hand you are playing with, and ask yourself how many ACES are you holding. Said, "If you're gonna play the game, boy, ya gotta learn to play it right. You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, Know when to walk away and know when to run. You never count your money when you're sittin' at the table. There'll be time enough for countin' when the dealin's done. Ev'ry gambler knows that the secret to survivin' Is knowin' what to throw away and knowing what to keep".


In starting a dog kennel business to breed and sell dogs, what is interesting is that when dealing out a hand in this game, you get to see your cards before they are dealt; so pick the right ones! Don't start your dog kennel business with poor quality, average quality or even good quality dogs. You want nothing but aces in your dog kennel. And if you really want to know, ask me to give you an honest evaluation of your dogs. I can't tell you how many times someone sends me PICTURES OF DOGS that they plan on using as the foundation in starting a dog kennel business, and I would not want the dogs if they gave them to me for free.

Shakia from Chicago asks Mr Pitbull:

Dear Mr Pitbull Is it true that pitbulls have locking jaws? My boyfriend says that is why they are the best dog because their jaws lock. And is their bite the most powerful of any animal? What information on Pitbulls can you provide?


Shakia, thanks for writing Mr Pitbull I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that one! No, Pitbulls do not have locking jaws. Information on pitbulls with locking jaws is completely false. Owning and running a dog kennel business I can tell you first hard, their jaw structure is no different in that respect than any other canine. As far as the power of their bite goes, no one can say with any certainty as to what breed of dog has the most powerful bite because a true scientific study has never been done. Many will refer to the test that Dr. Brady Barr conducted and aired on National Geographic. That test was anything but scientific. He choose A Pitbull, A Rottweiler and A German Shepherd for his study and then publicized his findings. It never seizes to amaze me, as to how so many people could be so gullible.



If someone were to try to determine, which race of man could lift the most weight, and he went down to NY City and picked ONE white guy, ONE black guy, and ONE oriental, do you really think the results would prove anything? It is absurd! Until a test is done with a hundred different breeds, with a sampling of about a hundred dogs per breed, the answer to your question is simply wild speculation.

Arnold, Grand Rapids asks Mr Pitbull:

Dear Mr Pitbull, I was wondering if you give me information on a payment plan for a pitbull; of course I would not get the dog until I finish paying?


Thanks for writing Mr Pitbull Kennel Arnold. I appreciate your desire to own one of my dogs. And I would like to sell you one for sure. However I would not sell a dog on a payment plan as you are suggesting, even if as you suggested you pay for the pitbull puppy in full before I ship. Here's why: First I strongly advise for your own protection that you do not enter in to such an agreement with any dog kennel business! Especially, I would not do so with any Pitbull Kennels as you cannot be certain of their integrity.

Secondly, it just is not a wise thing to try to purchase something you do not have the money for. Believe me, it is a vicious circle, you just don't want to get started down that road.



Third, there can be a lot of unexpected expenses in owning a dog. It would be terrible if after spending all your money, the dog became sick and you did not have the money to cover what could be an expensive vet bill. And don't conclude that it is unlikely, it happens all the time. I run a dog kennel business and know first hand.

As a responsible dog kennel business, I have to consider the welfare of the dogs that I breed. I raise them from birth and have them for two months often times having spent weeks getting up in the middle of the night to feed them when a mother could not parent them for whatever reason. They are like children to me and I want to make sure that wherever they are placed, the owner is capable of caring for them without question. I hope you understand.


I have two recommendations for you; Look over your circumstances carefully and then consider if your desire to own a pitbull fits your circumstance. If so, then save up enough money (in your bank account) to pay for the dog with a reserve of at least a thousand dollars, and then give me a call. Or after considering your circumstances, look for a dog you can adopt, the initial expense is much less, and you may already have enough to do that. I really believe that any responsible dog kennel business would give you this information. I hope you don't mind. My dogs are more important to me then a few dollars. I would like to know what you decide, and if you adopt, I would love to see pictures. I have all kinds of tips regarding Pitbull rescue here: HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY ADOPT A PITBULL

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