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Check out our Pitbull Puppies Picture Gallery. You will not find better pitbull puppies for sale anywhere.

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100's of Pitbull Pictures!

Take a look at these Pitbull Pictures to see why Mr Pitbull breeds the finest Pitbulls on Planet Earth..

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Pitbull Puppies For Sale

Mr Pitbull Kennels breeds the finest quality Pitbull Puppies and American Bully Puppies. See what's available now.

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Pitbull Muscle Building

Learn from Mr Pitbull how to build muscles on your Pit Bull the fast and easy way.

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Pitbull Training Tips

Pitbull Training made easy the Mr Pitbull way. You won't believe how easy it can be to train Pitbulls.

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Best Food for Pitbulls...

Learn from Mr Pitbull the best dog food to feed Pitbulls and save a boatload of money!

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Welcome to Mr Pitbull! Recognized world leader in pitbull puppies and pitbull information. No one knows pitbulls like Mr Pitbull. Mr Pitbull not only has pitbull puppies for sale; we tell you how to take care of pitbulls. See why Mr Pitbull Kennels is world renowned as the authority on pitbulls.

Mr Pitbull and Puppies

Blue Pitbulls

Mr Pitbull blue pitbulls are produced here in our pitbull puppy kennel. We specialize in Blue pitbulls for sale, RED NOSE PITBULLS, Blue nose pitbulls and Blue Pitbull puppies for sale. You will not find a better collection of pitbulls for sale.

Please look at the 100'S OF PICTURES of our American pitbulls for sale closely. We believe that any reputable Pit bull breeder offering Pit bull puppies for sale will provide you with the best photos to base your puppy purchase on. I am confident that when you look at our pitbull puppies for sale, you too will agree.

About Our Pitbulls


If you are looking for a Pit bull kennel that has blue pitbull puppies for sale, cheap; you will not find them here. Top of the line only!



Our American pitbull puppies are among the best in the world. We have the top pitbull bloodlines, including Razor's Edge, Gotti and Remyline. All champion quality!



No expense has been spared in assembling the top of the line Bully Pitbulls for sale. Yet be warned; quality does come at a cost. We make no apologize for that.


Secrets of the Big Kennels
Vets and Retailers Don't want you to know

Best Dog Food

Mr Pitbull reveals the best dog food for pitbulls

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Grain Free

Raw Meat

Grain & Fillers

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Puppy Shots

Give pitbull puppies shots yourself and save big money

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Puppy Shots

Parvo Virus

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Pitbull Supplements

Mr Pitbull tells you which supplements work best for pitbulls

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Shinny Coat

Joint Health

Endless Energy

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Pitbull Kennel

Learn what it takes to become a top pitbull breeder


Blue Pitbulls

Red Nose Pitbulls

Razors Edge Pitbulls

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mr pitbull mscle building

Pitbull Muscle Building Secrets!

Tired of people kicking sand in the face of your Blue Pitbull? Sick of people mistaking your Blue Pitbull for a Grey hound? Tired of spending money on muscle building supplements for your American Bully puppy that lacks punch? Embarrassed when people ask; whose dog is this? If so you will want to read Mr Pitbull's MUSCLE BUILDING SECRETS!

Be forewarned, your Pitbull will never look the same!