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Ronnie from Pittsburgh asks Mr Pitbull:

Help! my new pitbull puppy just died of Parvo and now my other two dogs have it. What can I do? The thing is the little fellah wouldn't eat one day and before I knew it he had diarrhea and a lot of blood in his stool. He died in one day! Please help before I lose the other two. I am writing you because my vet told me not to bring the dogs in. I could not believe it! I know I missed their puppy vaccinations but I didn't think missing the puppy vaccinations would do this. Help!

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Ronnie, it breaks my heart to hear that. I know firsthand the devastation Parvo can have due to missed puppy vaccinations. To save the other two dogs and protect their health I have to have more information. How old are the other dogs? Do they have blood in their stool and if so; how much?

Parvo can vary in severity and certain dogs can experience different health symptoms. Here is what I have found from my experience: If there is a lot of blood in the stool, the chance of saving a puppy is completely hopeless. Even a full grown dog can experience enough blood loss to kill it.

If the blood loss is minimal and the Parvo virus has simply caused vomiting and diarrhea, you can save the two dogs by immediately getting them started on fluids. This is not the time to give them puppy vaccinations. You will want to wait until they have recovered to give them their puppy vaccinations.


I have tried several Parvo remedies without success. I keep in stock several cases of Lactated Ringers and Picc lines just for emergencies. What is interesting; at the vets a bag of fluid runs about $20 or more. You can purchase them by the case for about $3 a piece. These are essential to keep in stock to protect your dog's health in the case of emergency, especially if you have puppies.

Even if you get the puppies or dogs started on an IV, if the blood loss is too extensive, they won't make it. In fact an adolescent or grown dog can recover from Parvo, the blood loss can subside, but the dog can still die of suffocation because of not having enough blood to carry oxygen.

The Parvo Virus is extremely contagious and very deadly. I cannot stress enough the importance of timely puppy vaccinations to maintain your dog's health.

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I understand why the vet did not want you to bring the dogs in. The Parvo virus is extremely contagious and can persist on surfaces for up to 6 months or even longer. What you need to do right now is find someone (preferably a vet) show you how to SubQ Hydrate them.

Chris from Chicago asks Mr Pitbull:

I just had a litter of pitbull puppies die from the Parvo as I had missed their puppy vaccinations and was wondering what to do to protect the rest of my dogs? I have another litter on the way and a couple more breedings planned.


Chris, the first thing is make sure all your dogs are up to date on their puppy vaccinations. Having went through an outbreak of Parvo, I will tell you what my vet told me: Don't even think about breeding or having anymore puppies for at least 6 months.

One pitbull breeder told me that after an outbreak of Parvo that he had sprayed chlorine on everything, even replacing his carpeting. A few weeks later he bought a new pitbull puppy, within a few days it too caught Parvo and died. Checking with the breeder he got the puppy from, all the other puppies were in good health; so he knew the puppy could have only acquired the Parvo virus at his location.

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After talking with several other breeders with similar experiences who had missed their puppy vaccinations, I decided to forgo doing any breeding for 6 months. My kennel has cement floors and my yard is all asphalt, concrete and pea gravel. I sprayed everything with chlorine and washed every dog with a diluted chlorine shampoo mix. I did all of the aforementioned three times. I now make sure I don't miss the puppy vaccinations; I have not had a problem since.


I would not introduce any puppy into the equation under any circumstance until after the puppy has reached at least 20 weeks and has had all his or her puppy vaccinations / Parvo shots. You need to make arrangements with someone else to keep any puppy you might purchase. As far as breeding, forget it. Remember, if you were to remove your dogs from the premises and take them elsewhere, there is a good chance that they will be a carrier (or you will be) of the Parvo virus. So make sure all their dogs have received their puppy vaccinations. What you want to do now is implement a good schedule for giving puppy vaccinations and concentrate on restoring your dog's health.


If you have a litter, you will want to order the packages where there are twenty-five doses, so it is enough to give a litter of eight puppies 3 puppy vaccinations each. It is very cost effective as each puppy vaccination is under 5 dollars. Compare that to how much your vet charges for puppy vaccinations. Remember, you will need to order needles and syringes too. Make sure that it is sent overnight and properly packaged as the puppy vaccines must be refrigerated. If ordered in the summer, order an extra freeze pack. I have had the temperature be dangereously too high when packed with only one freeze pack.

On the next page we discuss how to properly worm a dog, the best worming medicine, and how to worm your dog for less money.

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