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pitbull puppies I cannot begin to tell you how many puppies never make it to four months of age all because their owner neglected their puppy shots.

Sadly many people view puppy shots as being unnecessary. They reason if they didn't give their child a polio shot, the odds of the child getting Polio is one in a million. So they reason the same with puppy shots. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Timely puppy shots is life-saving!

A puppy that does not get his puppy shots is not going to die of natural causes at a ripe old age. In fact a dog that does not get his puppy shots is unlikely to see his first birthday.

Puppy shots are of utmost importance! I cannot stress that enough. In this article I answer several of the most commonly asked questions in regards puppy shots and the proper vaccine schedule. I relate what happened to me when I lost my entire first litter because of missing their puppy shots. I tell you how you can vaccinate your puppies on schedule for cheap.


Mike from Cleveland asks Mr PitBull:
Dear Mr PitBull, I just got a new pitbull puppy and my Vet tells me that puppies needs puppy shots every few weeks until the puppy turns 18 weeks. Is my vet trying to rip me of? Do puppies really need puppy shots that often?
Mike, your vet is right on the money. I cannot stress enough the importance of timely puppy shots for pitbull puppies to keep them healthy. Here is why pitbull puppies need puppy shots every few weeks to safeguard your puppies health: When puppies are born the first few days the puppies are fortified against viruses by means of antibodies that are contained in the Colostrum that the mother's milk provides. Those antibodies protect the puppies health for the first number of weeks. At about six weeks of age the protection from the mother's milk starts to wear off and the puppy becomes vulnerable to dangerous viruses that can severely challenge a Pitbull's health. It is at this time you want to begin the puppy shots.

puppy shotsHere though where the problem lies: There is no way of knowing when the protection given in the mother's milk has worn off. Not only does the antibodies supplied in the first few days of feeding protect against Viruses, it also stops the vaccine in the puppy shots from working as well.

Since you don't know when the vaccine in the puppy shots is effectively absorbed by the puppy, you have to keep giving the puppy shot vaccinations every few weeks to protect a pitbull puppies health.

Most vets believe that by the time the puppy is 18 weeks it is off of the mother's protection and therefore most vets recommend that the puppy shot vaccinations stop at 18 weeks and the puppy should be effectively vaccinated by then. Of course the puppy may have been off of the protection at six weeks and the puppy shot vaccine given then was effective; you just don't know.

So let's say that you give the puppy shots at eight weeks and plan on giving your puppy shots again at twelve weeks. It is possible at eight weeks that the puppy is being protected by the mother's milk and the puppy vaccination is therefore rejected. But yet, before the twelve week comes, the immunities have worn off and the puppy could catch a virus such as Parvo and die. That is why the puppy shot vaccine is given every few weeks instead of once a month, in order to minimize the days that the puppy is unprotected.

On the next page I tell you how to combat a Parvo outbreak caused by missing puppy shots!

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