pitbull puppies I would like to say hello to all my fellow Pennsylvanian friends! If you are looking for Blue PitBulls for sale in Pennsylvania or PitBull Puppies in Pittsburgh PA, you've come to the right spot because MrPitBull is one of the few PitBull Kennels near Pennsylvania that has both Remyline Pitbulls for sale in Philadelphia and RAZORS EDGE PITBULLS for sale in Pittsburgh and elsewhere. Mr PitBull Kennels is the recognized world leader in Blue PitBulls in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and the World.

I invite you to take the time to peruse the over 500 pages on my site and see for yourself why MrPitBull is setting a new standard when it comes to quality Blue Nose PitBulls for sale in Pittsburgh and the world.

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american pitbull puppiesTake a look at my PitBull Picture Album; you will find over 400 PITBULL PICTURES of the finest Pitbulls in Pennsylvania and on earth. Then go to my "PRODUCED" page to see why MrPitBull has earned a reputation as the premier Blue Nose Pitbull breeder in Pittsburgh and the USA. Making a decision to purchase a Blue PitBull puppy is one of the most important decisions one can make. You are inviting into your home and into your life, someone who will be a trusted friend and beloved addition to your family for many years to come. Where to purchase your Blue Nose PitBull Puppy and from who, are important factors to consider, I am sure you will agree.

MrPitbull has earned the reputation as a name you can trust. I breed only the best quality Blue Pit Bulls and carefully plan each breeding with you in mind. Some breeders make the mistake of breeding after ridiculous trends and physical features; BIG MISTAKE! Breeding sound healthy Blue AMERICAN PITBULL PUPPIES is my first priority. And although with any living thing there is no guarantee that it will be forever healthy, free of defect, I consider the health worthiness of both parents before any breeding, matching only the soundest Blue PitBulls.

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Muscle BuildingOne of the things that you will note as you spend time reading through my site is that I work tirelessly to advocate the Pitbull breed and PITBULL ADOPTION as well as expose those who would take advantage of the Pitbulls trusting nature and abuse them. Much of this effort begins with education and leading by example. If you would like to know what efforts you can take either as a Pit Bull breeder in Pittsburgh or simply as an advocate for the Pit Bulls in Pennsylvania; drop me a line.

Concerning information on pitbull food, I suggest you read BEST DOG FOOD FOR PITBULLS


Pitbull Puppies in PennsylvaniaAs a nationally recognized authority on everything Pitbull related, I get dozens of emails everyday from People in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and places afar, seeking information and help with their Blue PitBulls. You will enjoy reading such correspondence in my ASK MR PITBULL ANYTHING feature. Of course if you are from Pennsylvania or elsewhere and need advice or help with your Pitbull Puppy, feel free to email me; I look forward to hearing from you and offering you assistance if I am indeed able. So too, many people enjoy reading my PITBULL TRAINING pages where I identify some of the proven techniques I use to train my PitBulls.

If after reading the page, you have any questions in regards PitBull training go to my "Contact" page and send me an email. I endeavor to reply promptly not only to sales inquiries, but to all those seeking help and guidance. MrPitBull is your trusted source for Blue PitBull Information in Pennsylvania.


Pitbull Puppies for sale in Pennsylvania People ask me all the time how they can make their PitBull look like a MrPitBull brand dog. They think that by feeding a certain diet and by a certain regiment or workout routine that they can make their Blue PitBull look like mine. That is never going to happen, anymore than one could eat more and grow to be 7' tall. Today the definition of a blue nose pitbull terrier is changing. That change is due to genetics. I am an expert at pairing specially selected, top of the line Pit Bulls, chosen for their unique attributes. MrPitBull brand AMERICAN BULLY PITBULLS, are rewriting the standard of the breed.

To be A successful PitBull Kennel in Pennsylvania I have to stay ahead of the curve; not easy in a changing marketplace.


Blue Fawn PitbullIt can be a challange to find Blue Pitbull Kennels in Pittsburgh that you can trust. And that is why I would like to mention exactly what you will note different here at Every single utterance and every bit of information and every piece of advice on is based upon my own personal experience. I have had years of experience raising, breeding and whelping 100's of PitBulls of which I delight in sharing with you. I am confident that after considering all the facts and looking at my dogs, that you will agree, there is no kennels with Pitbulls for sale in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia or anywhere else in Pennsylvania that can match the MrPitBull quality.


Now if your are in the Pittsburgh area and looking for Greyline PitBulls you will want to contact my friends Mel and Matt at Kinneman Kennels.

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Blue Pitbulls in Pennsylvania No one selling PitBull Puppies in Pittsburgh or Pennsylvania offers the Selection of Razors Edge PitBulls in Pittsburgh or Pennsylvania than MrPitBull. We have the best selection of Razor's Edge PitBulls in Pittsburgh and perhaps the world. We also have Gottiline Pitbulls and REMYLINE PITBULLS. Take a look at my PitBull Picture Album and you will note the best line up of Blue Nose PitBulls and Blue PitBulls in Pennsylvania. Many who are looking for Razor Edge PitBulls for sale in Pennsylvania have found Mr PitBull Kennels to be their source for Razors Edge Pit Bulls.

BLUE OHIO PITBULL Over the years I have had the privilege of visiting Pennsylvania several times. I feel fortunate to have had the chance to have eaten at Old Original Bookbinder's in Philadelphia. Of course a visit to Pennsylvania would not be complete without a visit to either a Pittsburgh Steelers game or to see the Philadelphia Eagles in action. Of course if one is coming for a visit in the summer they will want to plan on catching either the Pittsburgh Pirates or the Philadelphia Phillies. Of course, if I can come across the tickets, my favorite is to see football at Beaver Stadium with 100,000 Penn State Nittany Lions. Not too many spectacles of sports can top the excitement of Saturday afternoon Football in University Park, Pennsylvania. And of course if you have a sweet tooth your visit to Pennsylvania is not complete until you have visited Hershey Pa.

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With the economy and over-breeding, pitbull shelters and pitbull rescues in Pennsylvania are beyond capacity. Our Pennsylvania pitbull forum is an excellent place to find a pitbull near you in Pennsylvania in desperate need of a new home. Few things are more rewarding than rescuing a Pennsylvania pitbull. For a small adoption fee you could find yourself with a new best friend! Check out my article on HOW TO PICK OUT AND CARE FOR A RESCUE DOG
pitbull love Why is it that everyone else has a Pitbull Kennel in Pennsylvania and you don't? If you dream of owning your own kennel, but don't know where to start, you will want to hear what I have to say on how to start and run a top notch Pennsylvania pitbull kennel. If you love Pennsylvania pitbulls and are not afraid of hard work, I'll tell you how to become a top pitbull breeder in Pennsylvania. CLICK HERE
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