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This is a multi-page article on dog training. I recommend that you start with page 1.

pitbull puppies This page on dog training explores the most sought after questions regarding dog ownership and dog training. Every question I answer is directly from my mailbox. I have selected the best and most shocking dog training questions and have included them for your review. I answer questions in regards to training puppies, and training dogs all the way through teaching old dogs new tricks. Just click on one of the dog training links above to take you to your area of interest. Enjoy!

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The Dog Training advice and dog training information I supply below is based on years of my personal experience of owning, training, breeding, whelping and loving dozen of my Pitbull friends. The many tips I provide, involve my experience Training PitBulls, although the information should translate over to training many other breeds as well. The questions below are real emails that I have received (the names have been changed to protect the innocentů) and represent the most commonly asked and requested information on dog training.

One word of caution: When seeking advice and information pertaining to dog training, you have to be very careful because many dog trainers today have virtually no real world experience and have done very little research into complex health and dog training issues.


Margo from Orlando, Florida asks Mr PitBull:
Dear Mr PitBull How do I train my Red Nose Pitbull to quit pulling on her leash?

Muscle Building What's up Margo! Your dog needs PACK STRUCTURE training. First though, you have to understand what pack structure is and you have to be capable of taking the lead. Not everyone is able to do so. As you might imagine when it comes to training dogs, like raising children, there are a lot of different opinions as to which methods are best.

Even though dogs are not kids, I've found that people tend to train dogs similar to the way they train their kids. With that being said, you have to ask yourself (if you are a parent) "what kind of parent am I". If you are the kind of parent that does not believe in discipline, that is often observed repeating over and over again the phrases "if I have to tell you again..." don't make me get up", or "OK you're going to get in trouble"... And your child is one that throws temper tantrums, and does pretty much what they want, and when they get a little older start talking back... If that is how you raise your kids; you are not going to be successful in dog training.

I promote remote training collars as a dog training tool that enables the average person to train a dog faster and better than any other method. If you are someone that knows that loving but firm discipline results in a well trained child that respects authority, then you will benefit by incorporating the electronic collar in teaching your dog to do things that most people could never teach a dog otherwise. One thing that I have found is; those who criticize this type of dog training have never tried it. They assume that remote dog training is inhumane. The fact is; the stimulation needed to correct the dog is way below the pain threshold.

When going for a walk, remember; this is your walk! You are not walking the dog. Instead, the dog is accompanying you on your walk. You have to understand that premise first if you expect your dog to understand it. I go into detail here HOW TO TRAIN A DOG TO WALK.

The easiest and fasted way to train a dog to walk beside you and follow your lead is with an e-collar. With a shock collar, a hard to train dog, that the average person gives up on training, can typically be trained in a just a few sessions of 15 minutes. The results compared to traditional dog training methods have astounded professional dogs trainers time after time. Make sure you take the time to consider the info here: DOG TRAINING MADE EASY


Kathy from San Angelo, Texas asks Mr PitBull:
Dear Mr PitBull, My dog will not shut up. I Love her to death and she is wonderful but she barks all the time. How can I train a dog to stop barking? My solution was to fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and every time she barks spray her coat. So far it seems to have worked and I thought it was better than a shock collar or whatever, but now I'm wondering if it could have side effects? What do you recommend? I hate to use a shock collar to train my dog because I do not want to hurt my dog.

puppies for sale Join the crowd Kathy! I have to listen to the neighbors dogs bark all the time. The question is; do you want to solve the problem or endure it for the next umpteen years? If you want to train your dog to stop barking in a humane and painless way, purchase either an electronic training collar or a bark collar. Go to AMAZON'S DOG TRAINING COLLAR REVIEWS and read the hundreds of reviews on the collars if you have any hesitancy at all. Review after review says the same thing: "I wish I would have done this sooner.

I highly recommend you check out my dog training page LEARN HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DOG IN JUST MINUTES where you will find ideas on what to do as well as learn from some of the experiences I have had with my dogs. Additionally, go to and pick up this video REMOTE COLLAR TRAINING FOR DOGS. Watch it carefully and then employ what you learn. You will not believe how fast and easy it is to train your dog.

Don't think that as a dog training tool a bark collar is brutal; it is not. In fact if a dog yelps when receiving correction, the collar is set way too high. Set it so that when the training dog receives correction you simply notice that the dog looks startled, that's all. You will love the results and so will your neighbors.

Read BARK COLLAR REVIEWS for more information on using a bark collar and my review of the best bark collars.


Max from Nashville Tennessee asks Mr PitBull:
Dear Mr PitBull, I need help training my dogs! I have an American Bulldog and two PitBulls. My problem is the Bulldog wants to fight the two pitbulls. Yesterday he went after one of the pitbulls and I had a whale of a time trying to get them separated. I love my dogs and do not want to get rid of any of them, but I am afraid that next time I will not be able to handle it. What dog training tips can you provide?

This is what a Pit should look like!I know how you feel Max, as I have had to deal with several bully breed situations where dogs did not get along. There is only one type of dog training to stop that behavior in its tracks that an average dog owner can employ and get results. Buy yourself an electronic dog training collar and you will have the problem under control in no time. Because of the volume of emails I get seeking dog training tips on how to STOP DOG FIGHTS FROM OCCURRING and how to BREAK UP A DOG FIGHT I have wrote several articles that will help you to train your dogs not to fight.

Believe me, without the right kind of dog training the fights will continue to intensify.

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