Well in case you were wondering, this is what Blue Fawn Pitbulls look like. It is interesting that if the gene is there, two all blue pits can and will frequently produce the Blue Fawn Pitbull color. Honey is a outstanding example of what a well bred bully blue fawn pitbulls should look like. We have a number of Blue Fawn Pitbulls in our Kennel and generally have a pup or two available. Give me a call if you want to check availability! Of course If you want to see Big Pitbulls you will want to check out our Studs... click here:MR PITBULL PICTURE GALLERY - "THE STUDS"!


Isn't she just magnificent! Now this is what Blue Fawn Pitbulls are suppose to look like. Many wonder how Pitts with her coloring can be called Blue. Her coloring is known as blue fawn. In fact you can take two all Blue Pitbulls and they can produce this beautiful color if the gene is present. Some of the countries top Blue Pitbulls are fawn in color. Remy Martin comes to mind as such. I recommend that you check out to see if we have any PITBULLS PUPPIES FOR SALE


I bet you too would like to some Blue Fawn Puppies if they could turn out to look like Honey. Honey is a wonderful Pit. She has a very pleasant personality and enjoys attention shown to her. She is very quick to respond when asked to do something. Her first litter produced 8 Blue Pit Puppies of the fawn variety, with the exception of one Blue tri male. I invite you to check out her daughter Spice on our Female page. SPICE BLUE FAWN FEMALE Of course If you want to see what the best Pitbulls look like you will want to check out pictures of our Studs... click here:MR PITBULL PICTURE GALLERY - "THE STUDS"!


Blue Fawn Pits are becoming increasingly popular in todays market. Many who are looking for Bully Pitbulls, prefer the fawn coat color like this girl. When I look at Honey I am reminded of the old saying: "Blonds have more fun". As you can see in the picture the fawn color has a blond type of cast to it. As a breeder of Bully style pitbulls, I feel fortunate to be able to have a number of different colors, as I enjoy the wide variety that is available with today's Blue Pitbulls. So if you are in the market for a Blue Fawn Pitbull of champion quality like Honey, from one of the Top Pitbull Kennels in the world; call Mr Pitbull now! SEE WHAT PUPPIES ARE AVAILABLE NOW!

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