That is easy; Mr Pitbull has the biggest and the baddest Pitbull in the world: Bra'tac! See what everyone is talking about. Take a look at the pictures of Bra'tac and tell me if you have seen another Pitbull like him. Land-shark! Reminds me of a shark coming up after some easy prey. Folks looking for the Biggest Pitbull In The World will want to checkout the many pictures of Bra'tac. No one else like him. Go to our puppies page if you would like to see PITBULL PUPPY PICTURES To get an idea of the quality that Bra'tac produces, I encourage you to take a look at Bra'tac's daughters Lucia, Pearl and Spice. Of course if you would like to see pictures of Lucia, Pearl, Spice and the rest of our Ladies click here:MR PITBULL PICTURE GALLERY - "THE LADIES"!

Ask Mr Pitbull Anything!

I get more emails from people seeking advice and Pitbull Information than you could even imagine. I have taken the best and most shocking questions and answered them here.

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Are Pitbulls Dangerous?

Do pitbulls have locking jaws? Are pitbulls safe around children? Do pitbulls suddenly snap and attack their owners? These are just a few of the question I answer.

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Rescue a Pitbull today!

So you don't have $3000 to buy a pitbull puppy, but still want a good pet? Mr Pitbull tells you how to go about getting a pitbull for just pennies on the dollar.

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