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remy pitbull This is page three in a series of pages where I answer questions sent to me concerning pitbulls. I highly recommend that you start with page one to gain the most benefit: PITBULL INNFORMATION. The answers I provide are based upon my personal experience of owning and caring for dozens of pitbulls.

On this page we consider if pitbulls are good with children. If you have children, you want to be sure that a pitbull is good with kids before bringing a pitbull home. We examine the question concerning Pitbulls and children and provide you with the information you need to make sure that both pitbulls and children are safe. Before going any further, I always recommend that a small child never be left alone in the company of any dog, pitbull included.

Editors note: All dogs are pack animals. When you bring a dog or pitbull into your home, you and your children become part of the dog's pack. For any dog, including a pitbull, to be safe around children, it is up to you to establish PACK STRUCTURE.


Catalina from Macon Georgia asks Mr PitBull:

Dear Mr PitBull, I love pitbulls. The ones that you have look amazing, and I plan to buy one from you in the future. I have a son who is 7 months old and I need some information on pitbulls. Are pitbulls safe around children? Are pitbulls aggressive? I want my dog to protect my family, but I don't want it to be an aggressive dog either. So my question is; are pitbulls good with children?

Look to MrPitBull Hey Catalina! Appreciate the love, and hope you decide on a Mr PitBull brand pitbull. Sounds like you want to have your cake and eat it too. You want a pitbull that won't be aggressive toward family, but at the same time protect you and your children. First let me be clear; all dogs can be dangerous and pose a danger of biting children. This is especially true where small children are involved. With any dog, Pitbull or otherwise, I would recommend always using caution and avoid leaving children with the dog alone. With any dog, time will be needed to evaluate a given dogs individual tolerance toward children.

Anyone who has a dog, or in this case a pitbull, and children, should study this video: Establishing Pack Structure with the Family Pet . The information on pitbull training in this video is simply extraordinary! Your understanding what makes a dog tick, will help you to make sure your pitbull is safe with children. Understanding PACK STRUCTURE is the key. In a pack, each dog battles for his place in the pack. Even after such is established, a reminder is often given with a quick bite or nip. The dog's coat protect it from damage. But when a dog gives a quick nip to children, serious damage can be done. Teaching your dog pack structure is the first step in making sure your pitbull is good with children. Failing to teach PACK STRUCTURE is most often the case for a dog or pitbull biting a child.

cute pitbull puppy Pitbulls, in most cases are very tolerant of children. But without good training, any dog, may when annoyed, give a quick bite to a child as if to say; back off! Establishing pack structure, teaching the dog that your children, and all children, are above him in the pack, will help make sure that a pitbull is good with children.

pitbulls and children Some have been led to believe that a Pitbull can "just snap" and out of nowhere attack a child. This is a complete falsehood. Sadly, on occasion I have read where a parent has killed his children. Was he a loving a parent providing protection for his children and suddenly out of nowhere he attacks and kills his children without any sign at all? Of course not. An unbiased observer could have easily foreseen that the parent was a danger. He may have demonstrated a mental deficiency, or a hot temper, or have been threatening. In any case, there would have been signs that he was a danger to children. When someone does something evil, family members tend to be in denial and defend the wrongdoer. The same is true when a dog has bitten or attacked a child or children, the owner acts as if the attack on the child just occurred out of the blue. Such is not the case. Pitbulls do not just snap and attack children, no more so than a parent just snaps. There are clear signs when a dog is a danger to children.

Pitbull Loves Master Pitbulls are one of the highest ranked dogs as far as TEMPERAMENT with a passing mark of 86.8% according to information from the American Temperament Testing Society. Additionally, the Bully style Pitbull that Mr PitBull sells lacks the level of gameness that traditional style Pitbulls possess. For this reason, the scum who would buy a Pitbull to use in a fighting ring, do not use a Bully style pitbull as they are not suitable for fighting. Yet still, I would be very careful if the pitbull was going to be around children. Now don't get me wrong, perhaps of the Pitbulls purchased today are in homes where children live and few if any act aggressively toward them. I have children myself, and rotate my dogs from the kennel to my house and always have three at home, yet I still am cautious.

As far as a pitbull being used for personal protection; frankly, I would not recommend a Pitbull of any variety. They really do not perform as well as some other breeds. In this respect I would recommend a German Shepherd or a Doberman. Now it is true that a well trained Pitbull can perform admirably as a protector, it is just not the first choice of most experts for a variety of reasons. But I will admit, that when I have to be away from the house, I definitely feel better knowing the dogs are there with my wife and children!

In the end, not knowing your particular situation and your abilities toward dog training, it is hard for me to recommend a Pitbull. If you are one that will exercise reasonable caution and are able to have a firm hand in training of your dog, you and your children will enjoy owning a Mr PitBull bred pitbull. Although they may be surpassed by some breeds in the field of protection, Pitbulls are second to none when it comes to their willingness to please and the love they demonstrate to both adults and children! A Pitbull's ability to bond with their owner surpasses any other breed and is why they are the number one dog breed in the USA. Give me a call for more pitbull information.

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