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Bartender and Lucia


This was a tough decision as I had Bartender, Blue Remy and Bandit available for this breeding and really believe that Lucia would have went well with all three of them. In the end, I just have a feeling that taking Bartender to a Bratac daughter is going to result in something exceptional and went with my instincts on this one. Both Bartender and Lucia have similar personalities; they love attention! I know that Lucia gets that from her mother for sure. If you spend a few minutes looking at both dogs in the photo album, you will see that they are an awesome looking match up. I really believe that these pups have champion potential and would move quickly to scoop one up. The Pups are on the ground now so call me for details.

Blue Remy & Ms HeartBreaker


The minute I laid eyes on this girl at 11 weeks, I knew I had to have her. And my first thoughts were how well she would go with Blue Remy. She has one of the most amazing pedigrees in the Bully world. Her dad is the World renowned HeartBreaker. Her mother is the littermate sister to Pratts King Kamali. If you know your pedigrees I dont have to tell you, that this girl was built to produce. What is even more interesting is to look at Blue Remys blood and how and why this matchup is so extraordinary. Blue Remy is part of what many believe to be the best litter Remy Martin ever produced. Blue Remys littermate brother Dirty Sanchez is the father of ABKC National Grand Champion Dirty Money. Blue Remys littermate sister Demi was bred to King Kamali and they produced Bullmaster, who is universally recognized as the best King Kamali son. So, not only is the Blood behind Blue Remy producing, there has already been a breeding of the Blood behind this breeding that has proven to produce Bullies of stardom! And too, all you have to do is look at my production page to see what Blue Remy can produce. This is a very exclusive breeding, therefore, I suggest acting quickly if you hope to own a dog that may have the potential to achieve legendary status. The pups are on the ground now so call me for details.

Bratac & BounceHer


Without a shadow of a doubt I believe that there will not be another breeding in the Bully world that could equal this one in 2011. I will stack Bratac and BouncHer up to any dog, anywhere, any time! Just look at them! I'm very excited with this pairing and believe the two will produce champion caliber Bullies. The pups are on the ground now so give me a call for details!


Hi, my name is Brock and I am Mr PitBull. I would like to sincerely thank you for taking the time to visit our Pit Bull Kennel. I have no doubt that if you are looking for pitbull puppies; you will not find better anywhere. As a nationally recognized Pit bull breeder APBT we breed and produce the finest Blue Pitbulls on the Planet. As you look at the pictures of our Bully Pitbulls, the quality will be quickly apparent. I guarantee you will not find a better lineup of American Bullies anywhere at any price!

If you are not familiar with Bully Pit Bulls, I would like to explain why Mr Pitbull Kennels is the right place to purchase your Pit Bull puppy. Over the past dozen years or so, a number of Pittbul Breeders have endeavored to create a shorter stockier version of the American Pit Bull terrier. The results have been nothing short of extraordinary. Sales of the Bully Blue Nose PitBulls have gone thru the roof. Unfortunately, because of the swelling popularity and the demand, many have become backyard pitbull breeders hoping to cash in on quick profits, they assume. Sadly such ones are seldom qualified and with little understanding of genetics and the resulting health issues associated with inexperience. Although not all health issues are readily apparent, fortunately, many are. And this is where Mr Pitull would like to be a valuable resource in helping you to choose the best Pitbull puppies for you and your family. I know that I am providing you with a lot to read, but doing so will undoubtedly, help you in your selection of a Pitbul Puppy.

Here are a few things to consider when purchasing from a Pitbull kennel or anyone for that matter: What is the first thing you see when you look at a Dog? Much like looking at a person, we look at the face. Seeing their eagerness with a willing expression is why they are often referred to as mans best friend. If you look at pictures of Pitbulls from years ago, one thing you did not see often was a lack of pigmentation on their face, particularly, around the nose and mouth. Today, such is quite common, as a result to cross breeding with other breeds where such is frequent. It is well known that a lack of pigment is indicative to and can lead to a host of health issues. Therefore, Mr PitBull kennels endeavors to breed away from dogs with this condition.

pitbull supplements muscles


When choosing a Pitbull breeder and looking for Pitbull puppies for sale, make sure the parents are correct in structure. As you look at Pitbull Pictures you will note a lot of dogs with bowed legs and feet that do not point straight. These dogs are said to be incorrect. Some may reason that breed standards that call for straight fronts are simply a matter of personal preference. Sadly, such ones know nothing about why standards are created. If you were to go to any hospital or research the anatomy of the Human Skelton, any first year med student could identify the importance of properly aligned bones and joints. When legs are bowed even slightly, the results are; pressure and wear on joints. And if the bowing is extreme enough, such ones can be crippled by the aliment, even unable to perform simple task without discomfort. We all know that. Yet, look at many of the dogs that are being sold today and you will quickly see that many are simply a physical wreck. Clearly such dogs should not be bred. To further illustrate the importance of proper symmetry research the term Pasterns. This is the lower part of the dogs front legs between its wrist and forepaw. The angle of such is critical for a working dog. Either too straight or too much angle will result in problems. For this reason, anyone who uses working dogs pays keen attention to this small area that the inexperienced would never even consider.

Another area that often is responsible for health problems that are easy to define and notice, is the dogs Topline. The Topline, is the top of the dogs back. When standing, the back should look straight or flat. Ideally, it is nice to see a slight even downward slope from the front shoulder area to the tail end of the dog. Frankly, few Bully Pits are built this way today, but yet, this is preferred. What you dont want to see is a spine that is bowed down in the middle! Or too, hindquarters that are taller than the front quarters. Both of these are severe faults that wreak havoc on a dogs health.

There are a host of other issues that can play into the health of pitbull puppies. Yet I have covered the ones that are most easily identifiable. Do your homework. Take your time to look closely at the Pitbull pictures here at Mr Pitbull. Notice that as a reputable Pitbull Breeder, I have endeavored to provide a lot of pictures of each dog. Examine them carefully. I am sure when you compare, you will agree, as many others have, that Mr Pitbull Kennels carry the finest Blue Pitbulls on the planet.

As you enjoy reviewing the pictures at Mr Pitbull Kennels, you will note we carry a large selection of Blue nose Pitbulls. We also endeavor to have Red nose pitbulls as well. We specialize in the Razors Edge bloodline, and enjoy Gotti and Gottiline pitbulls as well. As a Pit Bull Breeder we are always on the lookout for quality pitbul bloodlines to add to our APBT American Pit Bull Kennel.

If you are visiting us because you are looking for Pitbull Puppies for sale, you will note that we almost always have Blue Pitbull puppies for sale. If we dont have exactly what you are looking for in the way of a Pitbull puppy, check our breeding page. Chances are we will have other Blue Pitbull Puppies for sale shortly. So too, on occasion we have adult Pit Bulls for sale, APBT so check back often.

One more thing that I would like to draw your attention too; we ship our Blue Pitbull puppies throughout the United States. So if you see a Puppy you like, let us know and we will be happy to take care of all the arrangements, to deliver to you one of the finest Blue Nose Pitbull Puppies in America!

We Can deliver to the following states.

  • Alabama: AL Birmingham AL
  • Alaska: AK
  • Arizona: AZ Phoenix AZ
  • Arkansas: AR Little Rock AR
  • California: CA
  • Colorado: CO DENVER Colorado
  • Connecticut: CT Bridgeport CT
  • Delaware: DE Wilmington DE
  • Florida: FL Jacksonville FL Orlando FL Miami FL Tampa FL
  • Georgia: GA Atlanta Georgia
  • Hawaii: HI Honolulu HI
  • Idaho: ID Boise ID
  • Illinois: IL Chicago Illinois
  • Indiana: IN Indianapolis IN
  • Iowa: IA Des Moines IA
  • Kansas: KS Wichita KS
  • Kentucky: KY Lexington KY
  • Louisiana: LA
  • Maine: ME Portland ME
  • Maryland: MD Baltimore MD
  • Massachusetts: MA Boston MA
  • Michigan: MI Detroit Michigan Flint Lansing Saginaw
  • Minnesota: MN Minneapolis MN
  • Mississippi: MS Jackson MS
  • Missouri: MO Kansas City MO
  • Montana: MT Billings MT
  • Nebraska: NE Omaha NE
  • Nevada: NV LAS VEGAS Nevada
  • New Hampshire: NH Manchester NH
  • New Jersey: NJ Livingston New Jersey Mt. Laurel NJ BEDMINSTER NJ ENGLEWOOD NJ
  • New Mexico: NM Albuquerque NM
  • New York: NY NYC New york City New York
  • North Carolina: NC CHARLOTTE North Carolina CHARLOTTE NC RALEIGH NC
  • North Dakota: ND Fargo ND
  • Ohio: OH Columbus OH
  • Oklahoma: OK Oklahoma City OK
  • Oregon: OR Portland OR
  • Pennsylvania: PA THORNTON Pennsylvania Philadelphia PA
  • Rhode Island: RI Providence RI
  • South Carolina: SC COLUMBIA South Carolina
  • South Dakota: SD Sioux Falls SD
  • Tennessee: TN KNOXVILLE Tennessee NASHVILLE TN Memphis TN
  • Texas: TX TYLER Texas Houston Tx Dallas Tx Plano TX
  • Utah: UT Salt Lake City UT
  • Vermont: VT Burlington VT
  • Virginia: VA Reston Virginia Herndon Virginia Virginia Beach VA
  • Washington: WA ISSAQUAH Washington Seattle WA
  • West Virginia: WV Charleston WV
  • Wisconsin: WI MILWAUKEE Wisconsin
  • Wyoming: WY Cheyenne WY

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