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american bully puppies This is page three in a series of articles that examines the creation of American Bully Pitbulls. We examine the controversy that surrounds the American Bully Pitbull and it's cousin the American Pit Bull Terrier. Sadly, today, the Pitbull breed is under attack in the media and in the courtroom. Cities, Counties, and even Countries have imposed bans on the breed. But even sadder, is the damage that is being caused by the bitter infighting over the conception of the American Bully Pitbull, by many who claim to love the pitbull breed.

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This new direction has been coined by many as “The Bully Movement”, with this new American Bully Pitbull taking the industry by storm. In a short period of time; little more than a single decade, these new American Bullies as they have begun to be called, are now the number one dog of choice in many areas of the United States and even overseas. It is not uncommon for the best bred American Bullies to garner prices of $10,000 with the average prices for AMERICAN PITBULL PUPPIES of this variety commanding prices double, triple and more, over the traditional style Pitbulls. Of course with such success comes opponents, who instead of offering congratulations to those with foresight and savvy who breed the American Bully, choose to combat, condemn and attack. Sadly, such ones employ the same characteristics of uneducated hate groups, who deride because someone does not meet their standard or their definition of the pitbull breed.


Muscle Building Let’s examine their argument for a moment. First they say, there is a breed standard for the Pitbull published by the UKC and theAmerican Bully does not comply; Very true. Of interest; truth be told, the American Bully bred pitbulls were winning nearly every show. Those who bred traditional American Pitbull Terriers didn’t have a chance against the wide chest, bigger headed American Bully pitbulls that were crowd and Judges Favorites. For that reason many UKC PitBull breeders started to buy American Bullies to breed to their pitbulls in order to add the size their pitbulls were lacking. Kennels that had been breeding champion quality American Pitbulls for decades were now being beaten soundly by American Bully pitbulls with, admittedly less than certain pedigree. These American pitbull breeders wanted to protect what they had been doing very successfully for years. They went to the UKC and demanded rule changes that would effectively rule out the American Bully Pitbulls from competing. The pitbull breed standard was then changed to deny the new American Bully Pitbull, as well it should have. American Bully breeders applauded the UKC decision and do not have any desire to see the foundation of the new pitbull breed to be relegated to obscurity. 

American Bully breeders love the traditional American PitBull and hope that the many responsible pitbull breeders and pitbull owners are able to continue their love affair with the breed as they have come to know it. The vast majority of such which channel the pitbull's “gameness” into worthwhile pursuits far removed from the pitbull fighting ring. 

Many respected American Bully breeders realize is that; many people on the street that are buying Pitbulls today, have no business owning a “game” pitbull. The American Bully breeder is thus performing a much needed service of providing a pitbull that has the appearance that the young male population desires, but in a caliber that he can handle.

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world best pitbull And that brings us to another matter: One of the big complaints that traditionalist have with the American Bully bred Pitbulls is; "They Lack Gameness". They look at the American Bully and say: "For what purpose was this pitbull bred?" Of course the American Bullies lack gameness! That is the predominant quality being bred by responsible American Bully breeders. The quality of gameness which is second only to the Pitbulls quality of eagerness to please is desirable for responsible pitbull owners who enjoy presenting their dog with various challenges and watch with admiration as he works without stop to meet it; a fine quality without a doubt, yet not one that the average pitbull owner can appreciate or can control. Sadly, no fault of the dog, that "gameness" is what turns a dog bite into a pitbull attack, when an unqualified owner takes charge. American Bully Breeders while acknowledging the responsible pitbull owner, realizes that many owners are better off with a pitbull that has been toned back such as the American Bully. Now why traditionalist find fault with that, is something real Pitbull lovers cannot agree on.


Robin from Davenport Washington asks Mr PitBull:
Dear Mr PitBull I was looking at your pitbull on one of the pitbull forums on the net, and some people were saying that they were not PitBulls. If they are not PitBulls, what are they?

This is what a Pit should look like!First, thanks for writing Robin. I too have seen people say the same thing. They are operating on incorrect information however. They assume that the American Pit Bull Terrier is the only dog that can be called a PitBull. This is not the case. The term PitBull is a generic term that can be used to describe a number of breeds of dogs. You may want to check out information on PitBulls in the encyclopedia for the proper definition or for a more complete explanation read the information in this article PITBULL ATTACK.

Once one examines all the information on pitbulls and understands that under the umbrella of the name PitBull, there are a number of different breeds, it totally makes sense that there will be some variations between one type of pitbull and another. Thus the American Bully is correctly refered to as a Pit Bull.


Many of Mr Pitbull brand PitBulls are actually correctly referred to as American Bullies, a newer version of the PitBull breed.


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