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pitbull temperament Mr PitBull believes that a Pitbull's temperament is the measure of a dogs true worth. It has long been said that; "a dog is a man's best friend" and it is the willingness of a good dog to show loving obedience even when ones master is having a bad day, that makes us a friend that can be counted on.

This article explores the facts about Pitbull temperament and exposes the myths. You won't find INFORMATION on pitbull temperament on the evening news. In recent years Pitbull Temperament as portrayed in the media has been very one sided and misleading.

MrPitBull has built a reputation of providing valuable information on Pit Bulls and their temperament that is both timely and trustworthy. I believe that the information presented below on pitbull temperament tells the true story of one of the greatest breed of dogs; the legendary American PitBull.

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To some, the mere mention of a Pit Bull Terrier elicits terror and mayhem. They have been led to believe that a Pit Bull is a killing machine that neither thinks nor reasons but simply exist to terrorize anyone who may cross the pitbull's path. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, the AMERICAN PITBULL is a powerful and often times fearless dog with a high drive to please his master. Unfortunately, unscrupulous individuals at times have misused the Pit's trusting nature, training PitBull's for aggression and the results can be adverse. Yet this is not the nature or temperament of the Pit Bull nor is this indicative of the breed.

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Of interest, is a quote taken from the December 29, 2008 Sports Illustrated cover story which featured some astounding real pitbull temperament information, instead of the usual news on pitbull temperament that tend to focus on sensationalism. (see: sports illustrated magazine vick.dogs ) Of all dogs, says Dr. Frank McMillan, the director of well-being studies at the Best Friends Animal Society, a 33,000 acre sanctuary in Southern Utah, Pit Bulls possess the single greatest ability to bond with people (see article: Stray Pitbull saves woman and 2 year old son


pitbull temperament The Sports Illustrated article sited above focuses on the rescued Michael Vick dogs. Those dogs have become an important and newsworthy case study into the Temperament of the Pit Bull breeds. The high profile case of Vicks dog fighting ring has ensured that millions of people would become aware of the loving nature and disposition of our Pitbull friends.

A number of feature length documentaries have been done on the aftermath of the RESCUED DOGS. If it were not for the high profile nature of the case calling for the "politically correct" approach, the pitbulls would have been quickly euthanized. Instead, much to the chagrin of those who painted the pitbulls as "evildoers, terrorist and monster", unworthy of saving; the dogs were given a second chance to prove their temperament.

With the eyes of the nation and reporters from every corner of the globe looking on, the dogs were carefully evaluated for aggression and temperament by a panel of experts. In the end only one dog's temperament was deemed as too "dangerous", while the others were given a chance to prove their trustworthy temperament.

happy pitbull Unlike humans hoping to get out on probation as it were, there is no deception, no pretending to be something they are not. The dogs simply got the chance to be themselves and to prove their loving temperament. Those unfamiliar with the PITBULL BREED were shocked at what they saw; no "weapons of mass destruction", "no ticking time bombs", no aggression; instead what they found was, just a poor misunderstood animal cowering for love and affection. These were dogs that had not been shown the slightest bit of love and kindness, but when given the chance their temperament shined thru as the Pit Bulls showered their caregivers with affection.

If you have not had the opportunity to see some of the television specials on the Michael Vick Pitbulls, that focus on a pitbull's temperament you owe it to yourself, before condemning an entire breed to obviation to carefully watch and listen to the expert testimony.


Over the years I have endeavored to educate the misinformed as to the gentle nature and loving temperament of my Pit Bull friends, generally to no avail. They've seen news reports and misleading information portraying the Pitbull as a killer and nothing I suggest is going to change that thinking. Fortunately though, the majority of people are willing to adjust their thinking when presented with EVIDENCE and information on pitbulls that has not been hyped for the sensationalism of a news report.

On the next page we examine breed statistics, and compare pitbull temperament to many of the top breeds.

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pitbull puppy temperament

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