american pitbull puppies How many times have we seen websites offering Pitbulls for sale or Blue nose pitbull puppies for sale or Rednose pitbull puppies for sale. People often ask, Mr PitBull how to go about choosing a AMERICAN PITBULL PUPPY over the internet. First, let me start by saying the obvious disadvantage is not being able to handle the puppies in person to get a feel for the right Puppy. With that said, lets focus on the advantages of making an internet purchase of either your Pitbull Puppy or AMERICAN BULLY PUPPY from Mr PitBull.

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When responding to an advertisement of Pitbulls for sale in the local paper, how many Pitbull Puppies are you likely to look at in person before someone in the family selects a puppy, generally, not many. Yet over the internet you are able to take your time and look at hundreds, if not thousands, of pitbull puppies for sale to find exactly the right puppy. Their are so many to choose from. Red nose pitbull puppies, Blue nose pitbull puppies, black, white, brindle and the list goes on. Choosing your pitbull puppy can be challenging. After all your new pitbull puppy is going to become part of your family, so you want to choose the right pitbull puppy.

The first thing you want to do in selecting your Pit bull puppy is to look very closely at the Pitbull Dam and the Pitbull Stud. Look at their features closely. Generally, the Pitbull puppies will take on the characteristics of the Dam and the Sire Pit bull. So if you like the Pitbull parents, chances are you will be happy with the Pitbull Puppies. For the more advanced buyer, the PITBULLS PEDIGREE is going to come into play when deciding on any Pitbull puppy for sale . More on the pedigree later. Just give me a call and I can help you pick a PitBull Puppy that will meet your needs. I have no doubt that your Mr PitBull brand Pitbull Puppy will become your best friend!


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Muscle BuildingAn important concern when selecting your Pitbull puppy is the dogs TEMPERAMENT. If you are looking for a Pitbull for sale that is going to be aggressive, I would be happy to refer you elsewhere. Mr Pitbull Pit bulls for sale have been carefully chosen and bred with temperament in mind.

Mr Pitbull does not own or breed Pitbulls that are aggressive by nature. We will not offer Pitbulls for sale to anyone for that purpose. Please do not try to purchase one of our pitbull puppies for fighting.

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Pitbull Puppies If you are looking for PitBull Puppies, make no mistake about it; Mr PitBull has what you are looking for! Take a minute to view some of the puppies that have been produced here. Then click on the link to our PIT BULL PUPPIES FOR SALE page and see what is available! Of course you will want to go to Mr Pitbulls PRODUCED PAGE to take a look at some of the finest bred pitbull puppies on the planet. Mr Pitbull is world renowned for producing some of the finest blue pitbull puppies and RAZORS EDGE pitbull puppies in the world. Mr Pitbull is also famous for providing helpful information on every aspect of care for your pitbull puppy.

Make sure you take a look at our ASK MR PITBULL ANYTHING pages.


Blue Pitbulls This is Blue Remy and his daughter Arcadia. If you look at the pictures above, of me with the pitbull puppies, you will see what a champion sire Blue pitbull stud can produce. Their are many bloodlines today that one might consider before making his decision on an American Pitbull Terrier. There is the breed to standard, , the Bully breed or bully breed Razors Edge, Gotti or GOTTILINE, American Pitbull and others. The Blue pitbull puppies we offer for sale come from one of the best bloodlines ever produced.REMYLINE.

So if you love Remyline and want a dog that will throw blue traits to your pitbull puppies, then we would suggest one of his puppies. We can deliver anywhere in the United States and offer discounts for pick ups.

Of course you don't want to over-look Bra'tac either. Visit his PITBULL PICTURE album and see why he has become an internet sensation. And don't forget Bandit and Bartender, two of the top Remyline and Razors Edge studs in the world. So if you are looking for Pitbull puppies, you will want to visit Mr PitBull Kennels today! Remember, I can ship directly to you or you can pick up your puppy, as I am just a short drive away from most of the major cities in Ohio.


blue remy pitbull puppies I would like to share this account with you: I was in great need of a top quality Blue Pitbull stud. The kind of quality I was searching for is seldom for sale. As circumstances would have it I came across an absolutely beautiful Blue PitBull male and the price, although hefty, was within reason for a Pitbull of his caliber. I was excited with the prospect of what he could do for Mr PitBulls kennel. Yet as I handled the Blue Pitbull male I noted that he had an aggressive nature. I was confident that I could handle him safely, but really, I had to ask myself if I wanted to chance his temperament being passed to the pups. I know the temperament he exhibited could have simply been learned behavior due to environmental factors. But yet, it just simply wasn't worth taking a chance on.

The story does have a happy ending though. Several weeks later my patience was rewarded when one of the top Blue Pit Bull males in the country surprisingly went up for sale; BLUE REMY. The next day I was on a plane from Minnesota with the nationally known, Blue Remy. The puppy above that he produced here on our farm will no doubt carry on his legacy! Even as his own Legend continues to grow!

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