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pitbull-training This article examines pitbull training techniques. Over the years I have owned and trained dozens of Pitbulls. During this time I have discovered that there are two ways to go about training a Pit Bull. One involves a tedious process, which takes weeks, even months of effort. The other involves about 10 or 15 minutes in about three sessions. Now you might ask; who in their right mind would choose the first method of pitbull training, which incidentally, most often leads to frustration and a pitbull that is at best only half trained? You would be surprised at how many people choose the first method of pitbull training which consists of reward and punishment as to the pitbull training method. They reason; that is the way dog training has been done since the dawn of time and that if that training worked with Lassie, that training will work on their Pitbull. Frankly, if you are very persistent, that training will work much of the time. While still others, do not believe in any sort of DOG TRAINING DISCIPLINE. But yet, if you are like me and most people today, where time is of the essence, a method of PitBull training that is faster, easier, and, more humane, has to appeal to you as it did me.

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A while back I bought a 14 month old Blue Pitbull who I would name Bra'tac ( Bray Tack) you can see him in these series of pictures and another 70 photos on my website here: MASTER BRA'TAC!. When making the purchase over the Internet, I inquired as to his disposition, and was told he was OK toward people but; "He is a handful". I soon discovered how true that statement was as it became evident he had very little training. Take a look at him if you think I am kidding when I say he is the most powerful Pitbull I had ever seen. Basically, he was almost uncontrollable and in serious need of training. All he wanted to do is sniff the ground in front of himself. The fact that I was on the other end of a leash with my feet dug firmly in had little effect in slowing his forward progress. So out came the pronged choke chain (I laugh when I see these on dogs now). The only thing that did was wear me out even more, as it barely slowed his pace.


pit bull training It was then that I dug into my collection of Pitbull Training videos, and found the dog training video I was looking for by Ed Frawley of Leerburg Kennels. The training video is entitled Remote Collar Training for Pets. The video touts the advantages of training a pitbull with an electronic collar / shock collar. The training video in a very straight forward manner shows how to use a pitbull training collar / shock collar, and how very little stimulation is actually needed when training a dog to get results. I decided to follow the instructions to the letter, and that Bra'tac would be the ultimate training subject. After adjusting the shock collar to the proper fit, I went through a series of tests to determine the right amount of stimulation for the electric collar / shock collar for training (and yes I tried it on myself). You want just enough that you can see it gets his attention when you press the button. If the dog yelps, it is too much, back off the settings on the training shock collar.

Once I established the proper setting on the training shock collar, the rest was a piece of cake. In three sessions, of no more than 10 or 15 minutes, Bra'tac the Blue Pitbull beast that couldn't be broken or trained, was responding to my training commands without hesitation. In fact, he could be in the yard with a female in full heat, and the minute I go to his kennel and call, he is there pronto. Once the dog is trained, the shock collar is no longer needed.


Pit Training Since then I have put the electronic dog training collar / shock collar to work training Pitbulls to do things that I had given up hope on. In another article I will share further pitbull training experiences with Dog Training Collars / Shock Collars. In the meanwhile, I would encourage everyone to take a look at the training video. Additionally, if you are hesitant as I was to use a Training Collar / shock collar to train your pitbull, go to Cabelas.com and Amazon.com and read all the DOG TRAINING COLLAR REVIEWS. Doing so helped me decide to try it, and I am very glad I did.

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