pitbull puppies We welcome all New York Pitbull lovers to where some of the finest Pit Bull puppies on the planet are produced. I take pride representing PitBulls of RAZORS EDGE and Gotti bloodlines. Blue pitbull puppies and Red nose pitbull puppies are our speciality. We can deliver our Pitbull puppies to most every City of New York and New Jersey. If you are looking for PitBull Puppies for sale in New York or Blue Pitbulls for sale in Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers or Syracuse, you've come to the right place; I've got what you are looking for. No other pitbull kennel in New York can match Mr Pitbull for quality, selection, and value.

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american pitbull puppiesWhether you are a Red Nose pitbull or Blue pitbull, whether you are fawn in color, black, red or Blue; you may be solid in color, spotted speckled or hued. Living in a mansion on top of a hill or residing in Greater Binghamton with a young man named Bill. From the Capital district in Albany, North to Buffalo, heading east to Rochester just South of Lake Ontario. If you live near Syracuse in central New York and prefer to eat your dog food with a spoon and a fork! Or you live in Watertown in Jefferson county and dream of riding with a Canadian mounty! We love you in Yonkers, Elmira, Utica too. So lift your head up and don't be so Blue.

To be an AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER is not easy some days, unscrupulous cowards ply us in their ways. As with a gun in hand they force us to the slaughter, but from our loving obedience may we not totter. Stand up and be counted my Pit Bull friend, allow our loving nature to win in the end. For the millions of distinguished owners who truly discern, the American Pit Bull Terrier is the epitome of love they have earned. So whether you are new to our breed or have loved us before, Im happy you have taken the time to understand us more. I love you my brother for this I know, that standing united, our legend will grow. So all in New York in need of a friend, Im Mr Pit Bull and this is where you should begin.

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Muscle Building Thank you for visiting! MrPitBull kennels represent the highest quality American PitBull Terriers for sale in New Your or anywhere. Our Blue pit puppies come from top pit bull bloodlines such as Razors Edge and GOTTILINE. As PitBull breeders, Mr PitBull specializes in both Blue nose pitbulls for sale as well as Red nose pitbulls for sale. Mr PitBull puppies for sale are huge in bone and thickness. Our Pitbull kennel is nationally recognized as having some of the finest Blue nose PitBulls in the world. I truly believe that if you are looking for a Pitbull puppy for sale you will not find better Pitbull kennels anywhere.

Concerning information on pitbull food, I suggest you read BEST DOG FOOD FOR PITBULLS


Pitbull Puppies in New YorkBeing a successful Pitbull breeder in todays marketplace requires a special vision. Whether you are purchasing a Red nose pitbull puppy, a Black nose pitbull puppy or Blue nose pitbull puppy for sale, you want the best quality puppy you can find. Today, however, the definition of a quality pitbull terrier is changing. Todays AMERICAN BULLY style Pit Bull bloodline is rewriting the standard of the breed. A successful PitBull Breeder has to stay ahead of the curve; not easy in a changing marketplace.


Pitbull Puppies for sale in New York A long time ago someone told me something that has stuck with me, they said: “Good things are seldom cheap and cheap things are seldom good. I have taken that to heart. Therefore if you are looking for a Pitbull kennel that has pitbull puppies for sale, cheap; you will not find them here. Mr PitBull kennels are stocked with Purple Ribbon Pitbulls, all champion quality. No expense has been spared in assembling the top of the line Bully PitBulls. Throughout this site you will often see that I recommend you look at our PITBULL PICTURES closely. We believe that any reputable Pit Bull breeder offering PitBull puppies for sale will provide you with the best possible photos to base your puppy purchase on. I believe I owe that to you! I also owe it to you to say; our puppies are expensive, I make no apology for that. Again, quality comes at a cost.

MrPitbull puppies are produced here on our puppy farm. Our Pitbull puppies we believe are among the best in the world. We specialize in Blue pits, Red nose, Black nose, Blue nose and Blue Pitbulls for sale. We favor large boned Gotti bloodline and Razors Edge bloodlines. Come on in and look around, MrPitbull welcomes You!


Blue Fawn Pitbull As a Pitbull breeder, I recommend that you take the time to carefully examine each dog in the Mr PitBull Kennel. Look closely at the pictures and then imagine what your PitBull Puppies will look like. I have endeavored with each dog to describe its qualities. The PITBULL TEMPERAMENT is legendary, yet each dog varies in personality, so as a Pitbull Breeder we encourage you to consider your requirements when choosing one of our Pitbull puppies. I will be glad to assist you with additional information needed in making your pitbull puppy purchase. 

People ask me all the time how they can make their PitBull look like a MrPitBull brand dog. They think that by feeding a certain diet and by a certain regiment or workout routine that they can make their Blue PitBull look like mine. That is never going to happen, anymore than one could eat more and grow to be 7' tall. Today the definition of a blue nose pitbull terrier is changing. That change is due to genetics. I am an expert at pairing specially selected, top of the line Pit Bulls, chosen for their unique attributes. MrPitBull brand American Bully Pitbulls, are rewriting the standard of the breed. To be A successful PitBull Kennel in New York I have to stay ahead of the curve; not easy in a changing marketplace.

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Blue Pitbulls in New York Look at Mr PitBulls breeders page. I would like to draw your attention to our breeding process. Many Pitbull breeders or kennels will try to match up dogs to cover over, or breed out a flaw. Yet a Mr PitBulls Breeding is chosen not on the basis of flaws, instead, on the basis of feature to feature matching. Our smaller pocket pit bullies are matched to produce pocket pit puppies. Our large heavy bone pits are bred to produce massive heavy boned bully pitbull puppies. As in any endeavor; one size seldom fits all, we believe the same holds true with your PITBULL PUPPY purchase.


Blue Pitbulls New YorkImagine the delight of watching your Mr PitBull puppy, blue nose or red grow to maturity; ready to carry on the legacy of the top dogs of the Pitbull breed. With names like Cario, Juan Gotty, Remy, Heartbreaker, Bouncer, Blue Remy, Bratac, Bandit, Bartender and more, in their pedigree. Yes, purchase one of our New York pibull puppies from Mr PitBull today and get ready to enjoy the love of mans best friend; the forever proud AMERICAN PITBULL TERRIER!

Mr PitBull kennel has Pitbulls for sale and will be offering other products for sale along with our Pitbull puppies. We sometimes have a young dog for sale and adult New York pibulls for sale. Our blue New York pibulls 4 sale usually sell out fast! We are consistently updating this site; so return often to our Pitbull Website for new and fresh content. Before leaving take a look at just some of our TOP STUDS! I am sure you will agree you won't find a more impressive lineup anywhere in the world!

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With the economy and over-breeding, New York pibull shelters and New York pibull rescues in New York are beyond capacity. Our New York pibull forum is an excellent place to find a New York pibull near you in New York in desperate need of a new home. Few things are more rewarding than rescuing a New York pibull. For a small adoption fee you could find yourself with a new best friend! Check out my article on HOW TO PICK OUT AND CARE FOR A RESCUE DOG
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